Lovely Monday Morning

Good morning! it's monday morning and Love is in the air... I feel blessed when I woke up this morning,

the routines that I had...
like mom's yell or daddy's tickle to wake me up...
had shower and drink a cup of tea, made by mom
having breakfast with dad's chooice whoooaa fried banana is today's menu,
and when my mom made the busy-morning atmosphere at home to prepare my lunch box (rrrt..college student, still need it anyway)
and make sure I'm not get hungry in the campus, what kind of place she thought I would go to?!, it's just campus
when my father started to warm up the engine, checked whether the fuel is full, and kind of macine stuff so my car is ready to go,

this is too much, and I sink of their love... a 22-years-old-girl still had those things, uncommon..
I love to see mt. pangrango at sentul highway, and fortunatelly I go to the oposite dirrection of busiest route : jakarta-bogor,
I love to sing along in the car
I love to race at highway (ooopps)
I love to see my greeny campus
I love to sit at the coolsite
I love to meet my everyday-partner (hahahaa..3 of us as one item)
I love to eat my mom's lunch box

I don't know why, but today I feel "soon I will miss these things"...

My Lover too

He is my number one lover ...Si Ganteng
I don't have any particular name for cat actually, I'm not the creative one giving name for pet, as I remember, my former cat named Mi Obeng (because the sound when he mew is rough just like swallowed screwdriver), Pussy- the common name, miu-another common name, cuty (how I spell it, comes from "cute", and -ty as prefix) just say it is so...

The Most Gentle Cat Ever !

yes he is, if he was a human, he must be handsome and gentle one, he's cool too... well, actually si Ganteng is wild cat, he just come around my home and take a nap, or just pass by, the first time I met him, when I took his picture while he was sleeping, since I know he is wild cat I don't make any move in order to make him stay and didn't distrubed, as a matter a fact he just stay cool when I stepped closer and try to touch him, and he also love camera... the cooperative relationship is built,

hummmmm....but you're smell bad ganteng, I can't stand close to you...go take a bath!

*but you're still the coolest cat ever....

My Lover

okay... let's start with sing (in bingo rhyme) ..hahahaa

There was a neighbor who had a dog,
And Cacong was his name-o.
And Cacong was his name-o.

I fall in love with my neighbor's dog, and I think the owner hadn't given his dog name yet, so when I asked what is his dog's name, he just said "cacong!" heee.. maybe he thought I didn't notice, and the next day I called the dog "cacong" the owner laugh at me and repeat saying "cacong" hear the strange name that actually he didn't realize he said before... rrrr...
I love playing with cacong, once I know I can't touch him freely... and I can't stand when he lonesome and howling, then I come closer to him his tail move fastly and get excited, whoaaaa.. I get I excited too!, that's how pet can built up emotionally relationship with human, unfortunately his owner doesn't give him much attention.....how come he can stand looking these puppy's eyes?



it's true that picture told a thousand words
it's lollypop, it's half eaten, it's not round, it's not colorful, but still it's sweet....

what did you get from them?
so many... but why I'm thinking about consistency, candy always sweet from started until the last suck no matter how it shaped, no matter how it colored...It's different when you talk about gum, (is it gum kind of candy?) heheee whatever it is, they have similiar thing that everyone started them from the sweet taste... I remember when I was child, my mom told me to throw away gum when they're not swet anymore, don't swallow them, ya dangerous and sticky...
when talking about heart,
always be lollypop, even your heart half left, you can give the sweet taste until the end, rrrrrrr...what I'm talking about It's just about consistency anyway,


Here, your lesson...

Finally, on November 25th
my minithesis seminar held, it already postpone for 3 months since my lecturer scheduled it, and rescheduled over and over, until I get depressed and tired, I can say that I was no longer patient that time, look....my older post, you can see how upset and tired I was, now I just laught it out, hahaha~ ... and thank God, the seminar sucsessfully held, at least I found no difficulties in presentation or answering the question, I wasn't nervous at all, is it because I was so ready? I don't know, I just thought it is something that normally should be happen, and my euphoria of seminar is empty.. well, that was good point, even overall I'm not satisfied yet with my presentation, messy and unformal one I think,

so, here the lesson :
(1) just like my mom said "there's no one can break someone down"
her advice give me energy 1000 times before, recharge me fully, thanks mom... Iwas so naive for blaming someone, and it's totally WRONG
(2) be patient, see what happen next
(3) don't blame anything
(4) sometimes loosing euphoria or not get too excited on what will you do can make you calm, and think wisely, hahaaaa..kinda weird but hey! it proofed, try it...

okay, esspecially on point no. 2 I think I already told it before, hummm so, it's 5th lesson, you will tested of what you said before, be consistent


That Love-life stuff...

That love-life stuff, I had it all already,
had a feeling up-side-down like rollercoaster,
not only...
had someone beside you
had relationship
had someone to love
feeling happy when the one you love care enough for you

but also...
in spite of time

had many sleepless night
had many tears and try to smile
had something that you don't like and try so hard to like it
had pretended that everything's okay
had tried to make everything like it used to be
tired of wondering..

that was all I know about relationship, in circumstane...
and I don't have any passion to had these feeling anymore...
I love my life now..

afraid falling in love anymore...

it is Falling...

Falling in love just a process, and every process had to be done
in the end, when reached the bottom,hit the ground, it breaks your heart
not yet ready for that one,
not easy to mend

I'm not ready to fall in love anymore,
at least fall into the right heart ;)


Practice Mode

Dirrections :

Read the question below. you have 30 minutes to plan, write and revise your essay. Typically, an effective response contains a minimum of 300 words.

Question :

do you agree or disagree with the following statement :

Childhood is the happiest time of a person's life

use specific reasons and example to support your opinion

I don't agree that Chilhood is the happiest time of person's life, because every part of someone life's has equal happiness if someone love and enjoyed every stage of their life. every stage as a child, as a teenager, as a worker in their productive age, as a parent or even as a older one. they could not be compared each other and decided which is the happiest one.

In my opinion, childhood could be the happiest time if someone looked from its pleasure and responsibility in childhoos's life. As a child, we enjoyed the result of our parents to take responsibility to asure give their children get a better life, we just don't care how they make it, is a pleasure to play, to sleep, or even eat every day, they are childhood's activity. But look, as a teenager could be the happiest too, because in this stage you will learn something new, every day. and then as a worker in productive age, achievement is a goal the more you get the more productive you are, it overcome the happiness in your life too. As a parent watching your kids grow up and be a better person than who you are become the happiest thing, and also as the older one, as a grangmother or grandfather, watch your kids become sucsess, and having a grandchild also could be make your life peacefull too, that is called as happiness things. well, each stage of our life has important things that could not pass by, because when you lose something, some part of your stage-life you will miss the beautiful thing that make your life happy.

so, Childhood is not the happiest time in someone's life. Each stage in someone's life could not be separated and compared. as long as someone love and enjoyed their every part of life, your LIFE is happiest one, not your childhood part.

ya, it's not a good one, even the worst I think (after I read conciously) hahahaah, this is the 2nd question of writing part of practice mode, and I do the tricky one, damn... I worried about iBT test cost $160, with my ability and this condition, I think I should take the paper based before, not ready yet :(

Ungkapkan Saja...(part II)

pertanyaan yang sering saya hindari belakangan ini, dan jadi masalah buat saya belakangan ini :

udah kerja, dimana?
udah lulus?
kapan wisuda?
kapan sidang?
kapan seminar?

lama-lama saya bisa frustasi sendiri jawabnya, dimulai dari jawab yg serius sampe dibercandain udah dicoba, tapi dua2nya sama2 ngebohongin diri saya sendiri, dalam hati saya miris banget ngeliat temen2 yang udah ngelewatin fase itu, belum lagi ngejelasin satu2 kenapa begini begitunya...bikin naik darah, mau marah...tapi sama siapa? siapa yang salah? dosen saya? atau saya? apa itu yang saya mau?
ga semua orang ngerti kenapanya, keliatannya saya ini nyantai amat, udah 9 smester ga lulus-lulus juga, ngapain aja si? kerjaannya tiap hari ke kampus... saya juga si mikirnya juga gitu dan belum ketemu alasannya, alasannya kenapa semua keliatannya sengaja ditunda-tunda, yang semuanya dihadapi dengan kepala panas, sampe dingin, bahkan beku sekalian, dari mulai yang lapang sampe sempit kayak gini,
walaupun orang tua saya ga pernah tanya (maksudnya ga mau membebani saya dengan pertanyaan seperti itu) dan bilang mengerti 100% sama keadaan saya sekarang, sampe tau postingan saya di ungkapkan saja saya tujukan buat siapa dan kenapa, tapi saya juga miris dengernya kalo papa bilang ke temennya atau orang lain "iya, anak saya kuliah di IPB, udah lulus", atau pertanyaan temen mama "ina udah di wisuda?kapan?" apalagi pertanyaan tetangga "ina udah kerja?" papa/mama saya jawab apa hayo? "belumm" sambil senyum hhhhh.... I hate to see it, apa rasanya jadi orang tua yang anaknya belum lulus juga padahal anak tetangganya yang seumuran udah lulus, padahal mereka mati2an mau nunjukkin kalo anaknya itu yang terbaik, mati2an menyampingkan semua urusan diatas pendidikan anaknya, tapi anaknya belum bisa apa-apa...


Pack Up

I get tired
And upset
And i’m trying to care a little less....

Pack up your troubles in you old kit bag
And bury them beneath the sea
I don’t care what the people may say
What the people may say about me
Pack up your troubles get your old grin back
Don’t worry ’bout the cavalry
I don’t care what the whisperers say
Cos’ they whisper too loud for me.....

ada kalanya masalah keliatan bener-bener kayak sampah dan emang pantes dibuang, if it so,never regret the decision taken from your heart yang saya buang emang yang jelek-jeleknya dan mulai menjalani hal yang sbenernya udah males saya lakuin lagi and pretend as if there's nothing happen.
done :)

I enjoyed the trouble as I enjoyed this song,


Happy Anniversary!!

quick update! hari ini mama sama papa ulang tahun pernikahan, ciyeeee...si mama so sweet bgt beli kue sendiri, maafkan anakmu ini yang sibuk hari ini ya ma, baru pulang malem, pulang2 udah ada kue...

I love you, mom & dad cup cupp muaaahh

with love,

cool site

okay, ini namanya semi progress report, seminggu belakangan ini saya di "karantina" sama dosen pembimbing skripsi saya, buat nyelesein makalah seminar-skaligus skripsi kayaknya, karna bikinnya bareng dosen saya, mudah2an ga ada revisinyaaa,,,amiiinnn ehehehe.. karantinanya di ruangan dosen saya, biasanya dari jam 8 pagi sampe jam 16.30 sore, dan kadang saya sampe kampus kecepetan (baca: on time) jadinya sering nongkrong di "cool-site" di depan lab. saya ini...
knapa cool site karna diatas bangku panjang ini pas banget ada pengeluaran exhaust dari lab. jadi ada angin smriwing-smriwing gimanaaa gitu, jarang si ada aktivitas lab yang pake bahan berbahaya, karna kalo begitu kita ada ditempat yang salah.. langsung menghirup bahan berbahayaa....
karna keseringan kepagian, dan lama duduk disini, saya kayak penjaga lab. lebih pagi dari penjaga lab. malah dan penunjuk ruangan (padahal saya cuma tau ruangan dosen pembimbing saya, ehehehe...mudah2an ga banyak yang tersesat gara2 nanya sama saya).,, lab di wing 12 level 5 punya pemandangan kayak gini k bawah.

tempat anak2 yang masih rajin kuliah nongkrong waktu perpindahan kelas,

diposting waktu nunggu dosen pembimbing dateng, (ga penting)

Hasil lamunan di jalan tol

hasil lamunan saya dijalan tol tadi pagi... cibubur-bogor 15 menit, mau sepi, mau padet tolnya... heran juga saya, (semoga post ini ga dibaca papa....) karna saya selalu di jalur 3 dengan kecepatan 120-130 km/h , mobil kecil bisa terbang si rasanya...heheheee, dan itu pasti disalip2 sama mobil yg gede2, dengan kecepatan konstan segitu, ujung2nya ketemu juga di jalur 2 nya sama yg mobil nyalip saya itu, ujung2nya sama juga waktu berentinya di gerbang tol, itu yg saya bisa tarik kesimpulan selama konsisten, ga pindah pindah jalur, ternyata saving energy dan mengurangi resiko lho...

jadii... ini catatan kecil di kepala saya waku di jalan tol,mirip-mirip sama sudut pandang kehidupan yang kita jalanin ko...

Ungkapkan Saja...

banyak cara buat mengungkapkan kemarahan, dari yang salah banget sampe yang bener banget, hummm...apa ya contoh yang salah banget, biasanya yang berdampak merugikan, ga buat dirinya sendiri tapi orang lain juga akibat kemarahannya, misalnya ngerusakin barang sambil joget2, (hahhaaa.... ga lah ya) sambil ngomong kata2 kasar, ato bisa aja sambil nonjokin orang, amit2 sampe ngebunuh segala, kalo yg itu setan udah ikutan,,, kalo yang bener banget, mengalihkan marahnya itu dengan berbuat sesuatu yang produktif, contohnya... beresin rumah, ngelap genteng sampe mengkilat, bikin lagu, lari2, apa aja yang berguna buat diri kita dan bagusnya si orang lain ikut kecipratan, (kalo gini mah sering2 aja ya orangnya dibuat marah)
well, itu tergantung orangnya juga anger managementnya gimana, saya bahas sedikit tentang karakter kepribadian sanguinis ,melankonis, plegmatis, koleris..

> Seorang Sanguinis yang spontan, lincah, dan periang
> Seorang Melankolis yang penuh pikiran, setia, tekun
> Seorang Koleris yang suka petualangan, persuasif, percaya diri
> Seorang Phlegmatis yang ramah, sabar, puas

itu yang saya liat di blog orang, menurut saya karakter-karakter itu ada hubungannya sama cara mengungkapkan perasaan, misalnya aja marah itu tadi, heuuu saya ini orang yg kayak apa ya..mau bilang melankonis..saya bukan orang yg tekun,,mau bilang phlegmatis...apa iya saya ramah? okay, ambil yang menurut saya dominan, plegmatis (harusnya ikut testnya) orang yang katanya ramah, sabar dan puas ini...banyak memendam rasa karna sabarnya itu, dia bukan orang yang suka jadi center of attention karna dia rasa dengan cara mengungkapkan apa yg dia rasa dapat menimbulkan konflik...lebih baik berpura-pura ga ada apa2, puas sama keadaan yg dia sedang hadapi, beda sama orang yang sanguinis, yang lebih menonjol dalam kehidupan sosial, kalo bisa semua orang tau apa yang dia rasain, dia juga bisa jadi "nyawa" dalam suatu komunitas, karna ramenya itu.. dalam hal mengungkapkan perasaan, sama kayak koleris, nah si melankonis ini kayaknya 11-12 sama phlegmatis, bedanya melankonis ini bisa jadi drama queen agak lebay dan sepertinya masalah dia ga ada abisnya, mungkin kalau si phlegmatis ini lebih sedikit realistis,

se-engga nya dengan mengetahui karakter orang itu, kita tau harus bersikap gimana, dan ga kecewa karna cara mengungkapkan apa2 ga sama dengan dia, ikan di laut ga mesti ikut asin kan kalo dia hidup di laut kayaknya ungkapan ini salah deh (_ _") yahh pokoknya gitu... cukup ungkapkan saja, saya percaya setiap orang menggunakan cara terbaiknya untuk mengungkapkan sesuatu, tugas orang lain yang diungkapkan yaa...cobalah sedikit berfikir dari sudut pandang dia, heehehee

sekian posting ga berarah dari saya,

si phlegmatis,
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