Okay where to start...this fieldtrip is already scheduled in early semester. there are many destination we want to visit related to our study about landscape architecture. With many considering we choose Bali as our destination in order to learn its culture, design and city's plan according to their culture. well well...I'm not going to tell you about the context. I'm the shalow one at reporting, not like the others. I started to think change my blog description immediately. Okay back to main topic (my bad can't stand into one track) It's just because my friend find cheap flight fare by online to Bali. Ahh.. I hate to say, but I never been to Bali before seriously. So I'm not too excited because that's not one of my favorite place with beach and hundreds of monke. Nevermind  I excited to have a trip with my friends...yeaaaayyy time to take vacation

Oh ya, I will go to Bali at 21-24 of January (monday-thursday)  so I take leave from my office for 3 days, thanks God it's after deadline date. I never thought that was last deadline I made, I make it just in time, try to fix my bad....a little bit away from my graduates school friends. But in the middle of my try to fix those problem at office, I have to take decision to quit. I send it via email, but no replies...I need to leave at sunday. Still no edited article, I went to Bandung, with sapu to tya's hotel. Both of them is friend of mine at graduate school. We actually go to bali from bandung. We have some plan to enjoy bandung before leaving to Bali.

Left and Right Emoticons 7jeng..jeng...jeeengg! the trip is started 

From the very start I and sapu planned to go to Bandung by travel. Just meet sapu at cibubur mc d we get it wrong. While I'm with dad and sapu with her dad too, two different cars we didn't recognize at parking lot. Calling each other to find where we are pfffttt..finally we meet each other. Another misunderstanding happen : which car we use to go to travel, my car or sapu's car follow mine. hahahahahaa...I made it clear by asking her to take my car, fyuuh.

We get to bandung faster than I ever thought. While tya waiting our depature at hotel, sapu sleep along the journey and my phone signal is bad. The BBM sent right after at highway gate. It needs about 40 minutes from tya's hotel to pasteur. ahahahaha...all hail to tya, she find us. So we went straight to PVJ, I want to eat kamikaze there. Fyi, we don't know exactly about bandung's road. We just lay on maps on my tab. We got to PVJ without get lost.  Unfortunatelly, kamikaze closed their resto already, so we eat at richeese factory. After eat... when girls meet...unstopable shopping happen (bold+underline to sapu, ikikikikikkk) I amazed how can she buy thing for every shop we come in. Silly thing happen when sapu excited (again) to enter the shop that we already come and BUY a thing there. Ckckckckc. actually I and tya make a joke as if that was interesting place to come, but sapu give a responds seriously Left and Right Emoticons 45uhuhhahahahaa

I bet sapu and tya already spends so much just at bandung. All of us realize that we not arrive at bali yet but we already buy many thing. kkkk...done with many bags in hand, we're not done yet today. is sapu's curriousity about hummingbird cafe at bandung, a aa.. all of us don't know where it is and how to get there, which way to take, etc. You know bandung's street is very mean, once you get lost there's no way back. hmmphh! 

Based on the address on the website and maps on tab we go to bandung about 7,30 pm to have dinner there.. syalalaaa everything under control when the maps tell us to go to satay building (landmark of bandung). Tya's drive, she know how to get there. The problem begin when we can't find the street where the hummingbird located. why we meet satay building over and over again after having difficult way. So this is how happen:

Tya,  the driver who can't step the brake, and her foot stick to the gas.
Me, the co-driver that not help too much, the most responsive co-driver
Sapu, at back seat, as navigator who tell which way to go (umm actually that's my job but I can't handdle it very well)

Tya: "Tell me now! which way to go left?! right!? quickly! I already on the fork!" (imagine she said it on fire)
Sapu: "ummm...ummm..wait...according to this map...." 
Tya: "I want the answer now! look at the map!"
Sapu: "ummmm..yes...but it supposed to be..."
Tya: "can't you see where we are and the destination is?!" *started to boil*
Me: "Left" 

Then we go to the left and find it wrong...pfffttt
Tya: "why you said left...%$&&^%#@*&^%$!!" *step the gas brutally*Left and Right Emoticons 48
Me: "to know that is wrong, so back again and we went to right..." *calm*
Sapu: "I want to tell you went to right but...." *feeling guilty*

Can you imagine how the situation inside the car, extremely noisy by 3 girls who blame the maps that's not update. We find it hard to read it, after that we use local maps by asking people around :

Me: "excuse me do you know where progo st. is?"
Man: "just straight to this way, go to left another fork take it to right, when you find mosque, just behind that. to get there...etc...etc...bla..blaa..."
Me: "okaaay get it...Thank youu" *smile with understanding-well-face then close the window* 
       *ask to tya* : "you copy it right tya? I don't remember what he said"
Tya: "......."
Sapu: "zzzzzzz..."

Okay....let's ask another man here, asked to old man there *syalalaaa*

Me: "excuse me, do you know where hummingbird cafe?"
Man: "what is that?"
Tya: "Looo... why you ask like that, there's one in million he would know...grrr"
Me: "I just try our luck, ehehehehe"
Sapu: "Guys, I guess I read the maps up side down, we away from destination" *still talking about maps*

ahahahahaa... I can't stop laughing write this part. So, after round and round satay building for many time ( Tya called it tawaf kkkk) we finally find hummingbird cafe!'s 9.30 pm and thanks God it's not closed yet. We are too excited finding hummingbird cafe, gosh finally.... we went back to hotel, and have a nice sleep. The next morning we have breakfast at mall under the hotel before....take picture at photobox *what a random morning* 
Another disaster journey at Bandung happen again like before. Ever worse than before, it's long-long way journey and why do we still trust that maps, ikikikikii...unfortunately we can't find our destination because we have to go to bali this afternoon. *fly to balii* we arrived to Bali's hotel at 11.30 PM

lap keringet, pegel yes... subtittle : OFF

Okay, nothing special 3 day at bali. We use travel to everywhere with limited time. I just go to beach once, the rest is taking photo...and taking photoo.. (Photo courtesy: sapu)

#Day One

First destination : Art center at North Denpasar

 Well-welcomed at BDTC (Bali Develoment Tourism Center) listening to the presentation of nusa dua's design. Get many understanding of Bali's culture in palnning design. 

3rd destination BDTC lagoon. This is the water management of Nusa Dua and becoming the habitat of wild animal (bird). Plus this place have a superb scene to take photo. 

Went to dreamland beach, through Graha Wishnu Kencana (GWK). Watching kecak dance. My favorite place is lotus. Feels like de javu here.

#Day Two

After looking, interview, taking Bali traditional house (for fieldtrip report) eheheee.. we went to ubud, the palace, the market, interesting for me. I fell in love with the paint on this picture.

The rest destinationis some temple which the woman who have period can't come in. Unfortunately I'm the one who can't enter the temple (tampaksiring and goalawah) just wait...and wait...

Overall, we have a good meal..until bli Wayan take us into Bali tradisional food fish satay. Oh yes taste unfamiliar for me. Just to know that was bali's food style

#Day Three
Time to go homeeee...arrived at 13.00 at Bandung

Having lunch at Bandung, then go home...what a fun trip with graduate school friends

The next day....
At Friday, 25 of January after 1 year and 11 months being reporter at national agricultural magazine I said goodbye. Time to be full time student by making report of our fieldtrip at bali, done at the day I get the final score. Alhamdulillah....After that I do the academic stuff for next semester. Wish me luck!


Note Of Thanks

As I have more time, I think I’ll be back again! ;) saying hello to tumblr word. I’ve changed my tumblr tittle into Note Of Thanks I don’t know that words easily attached on my mind after all I have been through. After many things happen on this early year, the good one through the bad one I learned how to deal with: simply being thankful. Being thankful is easiest way for being comfort in any situation, for me. So I’d rather said it’s to late, but better than never. It was my resolution actually on this year, eheheheh. So I will end my day being gratitude and share it on tumblr. Come visit!



I used to can't stop eating this kind of japanese tebasaki chicken...

Looks so tempting, indeed...It is kamikaze karaage, the winner of  my review of crispy spicy chicken here. I never let any week without kamikaze. My favorite location is at Grand Indonesia, it's bigger and faster. I've tried at Central Park, the new one. The disdus promo issue the voucher for about half price, I buy 5 vouchers of kamikaze (see, how crazy I am for this crispy chicken). so for the next 5 weeks I and tubby spend our date at kamikaze, just to eat  fufufufufuf... I'm so thankful having partner in crime who always stick with my wishful foodie Left and Right Emoticons 27
Another one I try is kamikaze kiosk at summarecon, different concept it takes place at food counter. they serve it more faster, but not as tasty as at the resto. The bigger one is at BSD, it has it own catchy building. Another big one is at PVJ but when I come there it closed already. Got little upset but that's okay as long kamikaze at GI not closed. I guess everyone will love this kind of crispy chicken with many selection of sauce (my favorite is kamikaze sauce, the spicy one, we also had banzai sauce the most spicy sauce but it come with tears, just experience). Untill now, I wonder how to cook japanese crispy chicken, are they fried? or baked? ummmmm....they are too tastyy
Well....I hate to tell you this, and tubby must be laugh when heard my confession that I'm done with my addiction of kamikaze karage, he just can't believe I will say that. Even heard the name, I feel my tummy is too full. It happened two weeks ago (need that long to be bravely write name of kamkaze). It's been a long time not eat kamikaze (one week), since we walk in front of kamikaze's we attracted with korean resto. Our curiosity of new kind of food is tested. We actually not yet find the authentic korean food resto, so we couldn't taste the real korean food (or that's why I don't likekorean food). So in order to fulfill our curriousity of real korean food, I postponed  go to kamikaze, and straight to hang gang, korean resto. My friend said that is the authentic one. I order calamary bimbimbap (?), oh yeay they are in big portion and never ending hot. Can you imagine, I eat bimbimbap from 1,5 hour. That's killing me, and my tummy is too full. overall I'm not too attracted with korean food, that's not my style of food, japanese win my heart. hihihihihii
We break it by watching movie. The next exact 2 hours...just kidding, I said to tubby that I missed kamikaze, no way. So we went to kamikaze, order 5 tebasaki (chicken wing) and rice. Yes I still feel my tummy is full by huge portion of rice 2 hours ago. But I can refuse kamikaze, not in million chance *tubby style* hahahahaa... you know what, I almost gve up to finish my tebasaki, the chicken also looks larger than usual. It's tasteless...mmmmpphh even more after drink. I just don't want to see tebasaki again...Left and Right Emoticons 60
no wayyy my favorite spicy tebasaki easily defeat by huge prtion of always-hot-bimbimbap. I already had big portion of kamikaze, almost every week kamikaze, and the craziest is eating kamikaze two times a day at different place. Just like we had 48 big pieces of sushi attack, even they almost tasteless, we come back for more. wait for me kamikaze, I still in love with you and I will redeem my stamp for free purin and free tebasaki, are you ready tubbbyyyy...

The one who never be cured of eating too much,

Being Full Time Student

Well, time to pick things on my desk, becoming ex-journalist and full time student  2:22 PM - 25 Jan 13 ·

Time to say good bye. That was the fastest decision I ever made. It needs one day to decide quit from my job. Yes my resolution on 2013 come too quickly, things happened in last-minute decision. You can see how doubt I am in the last two post on this blog. I used to decide keep working and be a good student. The last first semester I successfully pass with article done on time and those assignment well done, but I'm not happy with my 1st semester's former friend. It's just because I still stick with my job, no chit chat after class, no hangin' out with friends...alll they know is I'm too busy with my work. Everything keep on the track and there's always price to pay. Looks everything okay now at my work life but not my school life. Yes you have to choose.

The next semester is everything brand new, because the new class is supposed to be started at my second semester. I found my classmate is more fun and enjoyable. I love to stay at class longer. They also love to hangin' out...hahahahaa things I never do before, we usually went to comfort place to do our assignment. Yes, the assignment is crazier than before, but that's not a big thing for me, I have friends who do the same thing and and never push me like before. Meanwhile....I have to back to office, feels like hell for me, pressure is everywhere. My bad, I can't handle it no more, things don't same like before, I passed the deadline of article with bad writing, having bad into so- so coming up article, never came up to office...they properly treat me the bad one. That reasonable. But...I begin don't care.

I used to think being student and journalist is the coolest thing ever....and it was! I do enjoy that two things.  Sometimes I can split it,, sometimes they collide helplessly Onion Head Emoticons 44 Like doing my take home exam in the middle of the way to my cover at Cianjur, without opening laptop either reading + thinking, its road can  shake your guts to come out but I did it. Then I continue doing my exam (with opened laptop) while interview. It's crazy, but I can make it. The last is doing exam when I have high fever and end up with measles (damn) hahahahaha... my body even can take it, at least in 6 month I go to hospital 4 times. The doctor say, I have to get proper rest, that's it because my endurance is very bad however, easily defeat by virus.

But my strong will is my priority....I get a lot of advantage being reporter and student. My writing skill is well trained with my senior at office. (Thank you for my chief editor, until now I adore her so much how she teach me and face all of reporters' condition) I get used to interview many people, the technique how to get information, how to behave, etc. I also easily change my status of student into reporter in the middle of practicum, using my teacher as source of my article. Sometimes I forget doing my assignment while writting article Onion Head Emoticons 90haaaa that's enough for the challenge, many thanks for experience I had. Now I have to be full time student as if I'm running out of time. I'm ready for next challenge, we never know what future bring, just bring it on, the better one of course. Just, wish me luck. Believe me, the most touching moment when you quit from job is to pick things on your's too emotional for me, hihihi with many thing on my desk it didn't take much time...and more boxes to place it, just one big bag 

                              Before                                               After                                        

  Wish me very very luck,                           
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