I used to can't stop eating this kind of japanese tebasaki chicken...

Looks so tempting, indeed...It is kamikaze karaage, the winner of  my review of crispy spicy chicken here. I never let any week without kamikaze. My favorite location is at Grand Indonesia, it's bigger and faster. I've tried at Central Park, the new one. The disdus promo issue the voucher for about half price, I buy 5 vouchers of kamikaze (see, how crazy I am for this crispy chicken). so for the next 5 weeks I and tubby spend our date at kamikaze, just to eat  fufufufufuf... I'm so thankful having partner in crime who always stick with my wishful foodie Left and Right Emoticons 27
Another one I try is kamikaze kiosk at summarecon, different concept it takes place at food counter. they serve it more faster, but not as tasty as at the resto. The bigger one is at BSD, it has it own catchy building. Another big one is at PVJ but when I come there it closed already. Got little upset but that's okay as long kamikaze at GI not closed. I guess everyone will love this kind of crispy chicken with many selection of sauce (my favorite is kamikaze sauce, the spicy one, we also had banzai sauce the most spicy sauce but it come with tears, just experience). Untill now, I wonder how to cook japanese crispy chicken, are they fried? or baked? ummmmm....they are too tastyy
Well....I hate to tell you this, and tubby must be laugh when heard my confession that I'm done with my addiction of kamikaze karage, he just can't believe I will say that. Even heard the name, I feel my tummy is too full. It happened two weeks ago (need that long to be bravely write name of kamkaze). It's been a long time not eat kamikaze (one week), since we walk in front of kamikaze's we attracted with korean resto. Our curiosity of new kind of food is tested. We actually not yet find the authentic korean food resto, so we couldn't taste the real korean food (or that's why I don't likekorean food). So in order to fulfill our curriousity of real korean food, I postponed  go to kamikaze, and straight to hang gang, korean resto. My friend said that is the authentic one. I order calamary bimbimbap (?), oh yeay they are in big portion and never ending hot. Can you imagine, I eat bimbimbap from 1,5 hour. That's killing me, and my tummy is too full. overall I'm not too attracted with korean food, that's not my style of food, japanese win my heart. hihihihihii
We break it by watching movie. The next exact 2 hours...just kidding, I said to tubby that I missed kamikaze, no way. So we went to kamikaze, order 5 tebasaki (chicken wing) and rice. Yes I still feel my tummy is full by huge portion of rice 2 hours ago. But I can refuse kamikaze, not in million chance *tubby style* hahahahaa... you know what, I almost gve up to finish my tebasaki, the chicken also looks larger than usual. It's tasteless...mmmmpphh even more after drink. I just don't want to see tebasaki again...Left and Right Emoticons 60
no wayyy my favorite spicy tebasaki easily defeat by huge prtion of always-hot-bimbimbap. I already had big portion of kamikaze, almost every week kamikaze, and the craziest is eating kamikaze two times a day at different place. Just like we had 48 big pieces of sushi attack, even they almost tasteless, we come back for more. wait for me kamikaze, I still in love with you and I will redeem my stamp for free purin and free tebasaki, are you ready tubbbyyyy...

The one who never be cured of eating too much,


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