The Notebook (Part II)

So... the Notebook I found this morning inspired me a lot. I enchated with memories when I opened it. I realize how precious it is. Three words : Notebook, Scrapbook and Photos. I love them all, is it possible If put them together at once?

this is what i found in the box too. The brown book, I bought it about a year ago and it still empty, maybe thi is the time I put the magic of memories in

Then the polaroid comes, I don't have good hadwriting, but I just write it as a notebook...

Go on with a....let say uncommon things, like ticket or something else attached on the book. Yes the picture is movie ticket with tubby. We called it "kencan" hahaha that page is about tubby, I introduce him as my classmate at second grade of senior highschool, he thought I'm his rival at english subject, hihihhii. After years gone by until we met again and I don't know that was impress him a lot. He keep maintain the good comunication, until now we're couple. Actually the story is not as simple as I write. Not as short as one paragraph, course no pain no gain but he can make it through.Thank you for being presistence Tubby :)

ahhh.. this is ellie's scrapbook, have you watch UP movie? I love this film since the first time ellie get her scrapbook, it's not a lot inside the book before she met carl, then go on...and on...she dare to dream and write it as "stuff I'm going to do." Lucky she has Carl who always beside her make her wish come true and they have a great adventure too. Until someday Carl find Ellie's scrapbook, each page of her scrapbook describe the memories beautifully. He find that Ellie wish to have a house on the top of waterfall. It's impossible somehow Carl make it.
Ahh... or have you watch the Notebook, it had similiar things too, Allie want a white house with blue shutter. Something happen they have to be separated but Noah keep fulfill his promise to Allie even his heart is lonely and broken. Somehow, they meet at white house with blue shutter. And how Allie had short memories when they grow old, so Noah tell their stories over and over again. How presistence he is when their children tell that he had to stop it. But noah insist to do that over and over again, the ending is sweet finally they die together when Allie remember it all. Well, that such a movie and prefect, but it quite inspiring. Onion Icon


The Notebook

Everyone have a notebook

This morning, I open the box, named "scrapbook" I don't know how much I'm in love with scrapbook. Since my handwriting and my drawing is not good, I just love to collect it and make it on my own, isn't art is something that express our mind into a product? you can see some like scrap thing here. So this is what i got this morning, all the time it put on the higher place at my room :

Something untouchable for a year, all material for scrapbook here. All i do is on my bed, it's holiday so i don't want tobe separated with my lovely-pluffy-bed...hihihiii so the background a little bit messy, MSN Onion Icons

The thing inside that book that interest me is the notebook, this is my last smester notebook at IPB. The edge of the book is dull because of wet.

Now I do understand why I didn't have excellent mark at study, never be serious at it

See? there's only 30% of my book contain about subject. the rest is chit chat with mpok2, my classmate Onion Icons

Nah, this is my first notebook at college

yeah, it's nothing but doodle and bad doraemon drawing

See? There always a page contain the chat, gossip, and silly thing

Yes, I miss them a lot, at soil class they call us 'mpok-mpok' I don't know why, but most of us talk nyaplak like betawi do. hihihihii sometime we do lenong. from left to right : Mpo Memel she the outbox girl, unpredictable, and good at drawing. Mpo Bestari, she the most mature among us, have a straight thought,cool can take over the problem quickly and we bravely said she is reckless hihiii. Mpo Eta, so betawi and so nyaplak hahahahaa... she good at lenong and perfectionist. Mpo Anggi, she came from malang, east java, the preman-girl she is so brave in.... everything :D. Mpo Nahrul, from bengkulu, she had the unique style and always be the one who bullied, she's so funny and kind. Mpo Retha, she soo betawi too, unpredictable, good at drawing, so creative and... weird. nyayayayyaahahah... well actually we had the blog named MINERAL (Melita-Intan-Nahrul-Eta-Retha-Anggi-Loly) but when I asked mpo retha as admin she forget the link even the name of the blog. Onion Emoticon unfortunatelly, we had it for three years together and she write the story uniquely, I love it.
This is the last time we met in June, 2011. Most of mpok work at bank: mpok nahrul, mpo bestari. mpo eta at consultant, mpo rethat at insurance, mpo anggi at astra, mpo mel just graduated this year. Well... I miss you a lot mpok..see how crazy we are when together here.


My New Instant Camera

One day, a packet laid beautifully on my desk...

And it is my new mini instax 50s piano black cameraaa it's coming! it's coming! I'm so excited, The packet contain leather bag, 2 refills and bonus masking sticker ahh there's a micro lense too Onion Icons

My hand is shaking to take first picture. And the first object is mba rani and adis, the result is blur because my hand is shaking hihihihiii... this picture taken by adis, soon after I recieve my instax...can't wait for another object, this is so match with the scrapbook isn't it Onion Icons


I miss Micho

Okay Who is micho? Micho is my bike, you can read story about it more at my here. One day my Editor need a picture of bicycle as you know that the one and the greatest bike ever is mine MSN Onion Emoticons#lebay my neighbour had good wall to take picture with as the background. I realize it's been a while i didn't ride to my offiice. Since it always raining and I always come home late at night. Wish I could ride you at least at suday micho....

So, I remember the first time ride my bike is the first time I went to my office. That time I was excited riding mico. But my office didn't have bicycle parking lot. So I put micho along the big tree in front the office. Well, micho become famous at my first day work. MSN Onion EmoticonsIt happen almost 2--3 months, when I arrived at office at 8 am and go home at 5 pm. I love the afternoon atmosphere when go home. at one day afternoon, someone who riding motorcycle slow his speed to get along with me. I don't know him, and I guess so did he. But he said he look at me every morning ride bicycle and go home at afternoon. He asked me where did I work? Why I ride bicycle? Then he said how healty it is, then he tell story about his friend who lost weight by not eating at night bla-bla-bla... wow, I smile while riding bicycle feel quite motivate. But to ensure me I was being motivated he said, "Saya yakin mbak juga bisa kurus kalo rutin." then he smile at me. Hahahahahaa I didn't think he would said that. Thank you I consider it.

Ya, It was old story about a year ago. When I can ride bike not only to office but also doing my duty, taking picture at UI and pintu tol cibubur. Yes it's crazy anyway I ride to UI depok first from home. Across railway station and bring camera. Take some picture of bintaro trees, waiting for train. Yes, because I want to take picture of train (public transportation means). While im waiting I was being offered to get in the train, hihihiiii maybe they thought I'm trully biker to work. Done with bintaro at UI depok, I went to pintu tol cibubur. I admit it that was long-long way to gooo... You need 15 minutes by motorcycle from Depok to Cibubur. But it's okay since I love to do it. About an hour riding, finally I can get there, taking picture of trafict jam. Cooling down at gas station, because it was hot noon MSN Onion Emoticon

I came to traditional market by micho too, but somehow tradional market is unfriendly for unlocked means--I mean some like motorcycle-- MSN Onion Emoticonsyeah but somehow someone offer his self to keep his eyes on my cycle. Okay then, I trust the stranger and go inside the market, I prepare for the worst situation when I come back. Ahhh thanks God he did just like what he said.
Ahh I miss riding micho... Remember the one who motivated me at the previous story? now when he meet me riding motorcycle he said "Udah capeee ni yeeeee...." ngoooook Onion Emoticon Set


Sushi Attack

"Mama look, they had it that much," said little girl who sat beside us

I and Tubby--my best sushi mate ever--went to Tokio Kitchen. That place offer some japanesse food with tokyo street concept. But our goal is sushi-sushi-and-sushi... hahahaa so we order all menu of Tokio Kitchen's sushi. It was 6 menu, Tokio Roll, Tiger Roll, Tokio Dragon Roll, Tokio Classic Roll, Aburi Chilli Salmon Roll and Spicy Ponzu Salmon Itokezuri. Yes, we order all of them, six plates of sushi. Since we thought it's nomal portion for us. We usually eat 5--6 plates at another sushi restaurant. So there's nothing problem with that. ummm why don't you visit danbo at umaku, that one of my favorite sushi restaurant.

Okay, what should I say when the 2-first-plates of sushi come at our table. We looked at each other then almost laugh. It's just 2 plates but it's the big slice and consist of 8 slices. I wonder how we eat the rest of 4 plates of sushi. We lookes at the picture before, and never expect the same thing from picture. so we gonna eat 6x8 sushi huh? 48 big pieces!!! MSN Onion Emoticon

Sooo...the next 4 plates of sushi come. As we expected that is too much. I can't think clearly even remember what kind of sushi we had. Even take the picture every single detail of the menu. The waitress too...she was able to mention only 2 menu, the rest she can't talk but only smile and laugh when I said that I understand why she smile. Yes it is too much, even there's plenty space at our table. For the first minute there's nothing we do just giggle and shake our head.

The next minutes is taking picture, I think every menu picture is no longer interesting. Now we talk about quantitive. Then I remember how much rice needed to make 1 portion of 4 slice sushi at Umaku. Now we gonna eat 12 times more than we see. Okay....At the first time we eat we can decide which one is our favorite, at least it has disticnt flavour from other. It actually...yummy, delicious and dense.

Then, we stop. Look at the plates, just half eaten. Have a chit chat the go on to another slice of sushi. Go on and on.. oh damn... why it seem didn't change at all. Then I remember about sushi eating competition I had some month ago. just...dont puke....don't puke.... Finally, after 3 hours eating sushi we succesfully clean the plate. Both of us eat that 48-slice-of sushi. what a record. MSN Onion Emoticons

Did you said we done for it? nooo.... we spend that much only 36.538 IDR, because we pay the sushi with disdus voucher cost 150K IDR. We had another voucher for dessert, a 16 oZ of coldstone ice cream. wkwkwkwkwk....

We choose cheesecake ice cream. but there's no excitement when we eat that. We done for it, until we feel sour at our tongue hahahaha...What a day, can you imagine how many rice come to our stomach? Tubby so lucky, he can put it away right after eating sushi. Me? Can't pup until 3 days, what a bad feeling... but as long as our stomach is full we are happy... "kenyaaaannng.....bahagiaaaaa" Onion Icon

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