Sushi Race (Updated)

With no hesistate, we point every picture at one page of sushi menu...

I don't know why but it's between craziness and food pages on our wish list. The wish is sound cool : to order one page menu of sushi. hihihihiii... even sushi attack we had before make our tongue tasteless, we never give up of eating too much. On sunday noon after body combat class I and Tubby are going to watch IMAX at gandaria city, but the traffict is not friendly so we can't make it on time. Well then, there's nothing to do except lunch. We went to Sushi Tei, and when we going to order we remember of our wish list. Yes, we order first half page of sushi.


What a random things we just forget how many calories were burnt at last couple our ago. Then we just sit at the table for two with 8 sushi rolls, 48 pieces, 2 round, no guilty. hahahaha...ahh thanks God the portion is not too big for one rolls menu.Plus we have a chit chat for more hours. Sushi Tei gancit always at waiting list also. ahhh just intermezo I did my sushi eating contest here, straight after contest my friend asked me to eat sushi (again) unfortunatelly the waiting list is too long, so I can't have-too-much-eat-sushi-that-day, hihihihiii.... Based on our experience we usualy take the menu book after order for a while, we order again,,,,again...and again, until we filled our tummy fully, then go home safely.

Okay, I will share my experience on sushi on the next story...

On saturday we going to eat suhi at 2 different place, yup simply because we have 2 sushi vouchers at different place.....hehehehe we called it sushi-day.

First place is Rakuzen, pacific place. That was lunch time actually and we are too hungry to eat only two rolls of sushi. well...for the first time I doubt that those sushi can make our hungry tummy full. Until then the sushi coming.....That sushi consist of 8 pieces, I forget the name of sushi we order. They are good,  tubby order rolls with eel, and I order rolls with tuna. We are not too disapointed with the small number of sushi (because we usually order until 5 plates of sushi Onion Head Emoticons 35). I forgot that theres another dishes beside sushi, that was agemono. I didn't know what it was, something like ala carte? so we order salmon cheese hasamiage (the left one at the picture). When that agemono arrive, we surprise with the size, yeah! it's bigger than at picture menu. It's simply fried salmon sandwich with cheese sauce.  The bread is crispy and soft inside, the salmon well cooked to. Tubby like it very much than the sushi. Ah, about the restaurant atmosphere, it's very nice too... classy and we love being there. and's kinda weird beacuse we didn't spent extra money eat there, 2 sushi and one agemono is enough to fulfill our hungriness-haha. 

#Poke Sushi

We must go in hurry... because there's another voucher we should spent at Grand Indonesia. So, from Pasific Place we went to Grand Indonesia. Because our tummy is too full, we decided to watch movie before have another sushi there. Yet because the voucher consist of  3 sushi, 3 ala carte and 3 ocha. Muahahahah 3 portion for 2 people. Poke sushi at food louver, actually this place is not too good to eat sushi plus the lame service. Different things like we eat at the first sushi resto.We order dakine rolls, crunchy salmon rolls, and crunchy dragon rolls. For the ala carte we order asorted tempura, chicken crumble and beef teriyaki. And suddenly our tabble is full...Their beef teriyaki is good but vegie tempura and fried chicken is taste weird. For me they are umatch with sushi rolls that have fresh and light taste. Well then, for sushi taste is not bad not the best, but the service very bad. because we use voucher, poke sushi give us 30% discount for the next purcase include all you can eat sushi, but I doubt the service again when we have all-you-can eat there.

#Sushi Mori

It's rainbow rolls and Fujiyama rolls. The rainbow rolls consist of tuna and salmon, while fujiyama....I can't see anything except cheese and tuna (maybe). Yummm...the taste is good favorite is raibow roll, consist of tuna and salmon sashimi. ah I forget, since we are disdus-couple, we buy it with voucher, usually they give a good deal of price, we can have more  menu or half prize to pay. so we just have to pay ocha for  drinks. the portion of 8 slices is so-so not too big for us, the price is pretty expensive too.


ah...I almost forget why we eat at kiyadon, I just remember that time I was not too hungry and just want to have a little snack. and suddenly we sit at sushi restaurant, on my mind was just order some sashimi and ocha. but the sushi boat picture on menu inviting me to know the sensation, hihihihi... in short of time 2 plate full of nigiri is right in front of us. Too bad, I can't see the boat anyway the waitress said taht their lack of boat...okay then, now we have to eat them all while my belly is full. Ahhhh....their nigiri should be good if they cook their sushi rice properly. The rice is uncooked, too bad.


Ahhh... Ijust find our favorite place at Bogor! it's Midori, luckily we come when the promo on going : discount 30% for each menu. I forget what kind of rolls we order, but eel is the star of the rolls their spice is sweet and tender...Midori is on professional chef's hand, so no doubt the taste is authentic one. My favorite is their salmon sashimi so fresh and tender, but they are too expensive.  So far our favorite authentic sushi is Umaku, it's near tubby and my home, so we frequently come back and...forget to take the picture, hihiihihi but you can see my danbo photogrph at umaku. Their salmon sahimi is number one! I love it....

#Sushi Time!

We accidentally found sushi time stall at grand indonesia. Their concept is unique eat sushi simply with uncut one, the price is pretty cheap too about 20K IIDR for each. If you eat the sushi with cut one they become so so because the taste is not quite fresh even they store it in refrigrator I can only taste the cool sushi. But So faar it's okay I like it maybe I'll come back for this funky sushi hihihihihii

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