It's almost end of february and I just posted one story (Maybe next time I'll tell what I had lately based on its date, yeah some like cheating to make my blog continuously written wish I had spare time to post it, it's written on my mind already, what-to-write, what-to-show)
So, trying to fulfill my promise to my self (at least) being consistent of what I had decided. First, I want to talk about my blog's tittle, it is Memoirs of Imperfection, that had impression the blog of imperfect side of me. I just realized it and it should be true. but as a matter of fact most of all who read my blog said this blog is story about perfection. I got the point. I bravely lie to my self.
and the second is, the effect of what I've done lying to my self (sometimes) pretend to be happy. sometimes feeling so grateful, shown in this as the words I said, it being tested...and being consistent is the only way to face it.
okay, let's think about something lead to consistency. . .
I won't write anything, but I let you imagine how consistency can bring character, and character is some powerful thing to achive,

am I desperate now? NO, I just try being consistent, and it so damn hard


Helloo... how's life there? looks like I missed a lot of things, my world running too fast, but I do love my new job, my dream job as editor staff at agriculture magazine accomplished. eventhough with ridiculous way and long journey to achive that, need own posting to tell you how it was going...
soo here I am, on my holiday try to keep up with my imperfect-blog ... where do I started, my previous post inspired from my reTweet, this one from my original tweet could be sensational too..

okay, the last sentence bring controversy, coz no one ever beat my parents' treat, and it would be different, ahhh... it's about different kind of loving I think, maybe I 'm just not ready yet thinking of romantic love, it always takes my time, and makes me doing silly thing, MSN Onion Emoticons
Back to my main topic of tweeting is about HUG actually, lately my friend said that I had used repeated word "hug" on my tweet, I didn't realize it... why? I don't know I just like to be hugged, with my mom or with my dad for sure.. I feel completely relax when they hug me, or just even being around them, I feel 100% protection, love, calm, warm, rrrrr.... those parenthood stuff always makes me wonder and touched,

I think hugging is a good way to express universal love, but Indonesian rarely doin' this way, maybe our custom implied hug as passion, lust, etc. especially between woman-man hug, hummm... I don't know why but a little pieces of my thought has the same impression of hugging, ahhh~ it depend how your open-minded thoughts, so far I got a good impression of hugging. That's it.
hugging is good for your health, it bring comfortable feeling, psychologically will enhance the immune system of your body too..

Talking about psychological, my trip to Bandung gathering information of someone who had breast cancer is soo inspiring. she said that only 30% percent medicine works for someone's recovery, the rest is the willing to survive and support from family and friends. I love to talk to her, she is so positive, and try to share positive energy to others, especially for the one who has similiar condition of cancer. That's how I see in my own eyes, how psychological is the most powerful medicine for someone, and family & friends playin' role to built it up.

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