Date with dates

My executive editor asked me to attend dates seminar last week...

I completely agree to attend when she said we gonna taste various dates : yeaayyy eat for free Onion Head Emoticons 50That was on my mind, I Just expected we gonna have various kind of dates, eventhought August edition--issued on fasting month is done, we already write article about dates for fasting trend, maybe we can get more information about dates. Well, what I should I tell first. When we arrived at Tirtayu Healing Center, Senopati, registered as media. Then we asked for waiting or have a glance for healing center building. We decided to wait at second floor, haaaa...when we pass open kitchen (or lounge? hihihiii) I see boxes of dates, and some processed dates cookies, yummmm. On the second floor, there's another boxes of dates and dates on the plate, feel free to eat, but since there's nobody, and we already know about madjool dates, that was yummy dates, I like it, but we are not too excited to taste, we looking for something new. After 15 minutes waiting another media and people coming, we entering the room. Kafi Kurnia start the seminar by opening the premium box of dates. He said this is the most delicious dates in the world, we have to taste it, he promised change truck of finest dates if it's not delicious (agak lebay si OuchThis Emoticons 46). His strategy is succesfully make us currious. I already taste that kind of dates, but..when he handed premium box of dates, I can't stand to taste. Yes it looks different. More juicy and soft, and preserve sweet well. This is more important : I get full easily. I love it, fyi I used didn't like dates, for me it was too sweet to eat.

Maybe in this case I eat right dates at the right time. Why? Because another speaker tell about the main thought about fasting. That half and hour speech has summary :

1. When we get up and sahur our digestive can't work hard on too much meal to digest. It must be right portion, right time, ad right kind of food. He suggest to eat 3 dates and a glass of water near imsak time. For me, it make sense (I even seldom have sahur for fasting, and it didn't bother my activity at all). You don't have to worry that dates can't fulfill your energy for daily activy. Browse about nutrition fact of dates and you'll see how it works.

2. When we break fasting we also need 3 dates and a glass of water. That's enough until we have meal after tarawih. That make sense for our health too. Like no. 1 explanation, our digestive should work properly. Then I though, I was eat 2 dates before seminar held (at 10 am) and I didn't have breakfast at home, until 12 am I didn't feel hungry at all. Usually I need brunch after breakfast, eheheheheh. See, how dates instantly fulfill my energy because its glucose can be reserved well, so I can feel full imediatelly. Dates has 282 ccal/100 grams of dates and 63.35 g glucose/100 grams, more half of dates are glucose.

Seminar done with eating processed dates cookies at first floor. Woooo... need to hurry, but I have to interview some speaker. It's okay I thought. Those cookies are waiting for me, iyaaayyyy... at least 10 kind of food on the table, they all free and I can eat moree and moreee, sluurrpp... Onion Head Emoticons 4because I overexcited, I don't know what to eat first, ahahahah. I eat dates salad first : vegetables, fruit and dates with youghurt, taste so fresh and healthy. Done with salad, I eat dates covered with chocolate, then go on with dates pie. rrrrrr... just 3 kind of food my stomach is full. I'm done.

a-a, why everyone brought small-yellow-box?, what is that? where it comes from?...ahhh, it's from bakpia pia djogdja booth, I came to see and they give me that "box" I wonder what inside? taraaaa.... dates bakpia 4 item and exclusively made, I asked for futher where they sell it? they just sell it at Yogyakarta, so I don't need to go far away to Yogya...kkkk..kkkk the right one on picture is my favorite. Can you see how they slash the dates and filled dates with cheese then wrap with pia dough = heaven.... Onion Head Emoticons 36

Maamoul! yup Maamoul is cookie filled with dates paste with light taste, makes you want to eat more and more. I bet one is never enough. That was another one of my favorite cookies made from dates.
I found it when I was on duty at tanah abang, they not only sell fresh dates but also processed dated. 1 box contents of 16 pack of cookies cost 25.000 IDR cheap enough than fresh dates. They packed each pieces of cookies with somelike plastic, so you can bring it whenever on your way and simple, eheheee... I want to buy it again but I imagine tanah abang at this time soo crowded, I give up, eheheheh...

You can enjoy another fancy and delicious cookies made from dates at Bateel, Senayan City. This dates boutique sell 13 kinds of cookies made from dates and dozen of premium quality of fresh dates. You can find dates filled with almond, orange peel, candied ginger and so on.. The price is 3 times higher than at Tanah abang, where you can find date cost 250.000 IDR per kg at tanah abang, at Bateel it cost 750.000 IDR, fufufufufu remember there always price to pay huh....The taste? Are premium too.. I like dates with almond, the taste blend so well. How lucky I am as a journalist having interview with the bateel owner--Tania Walla, she is so cooperative and generous too, because she gave me a box of all premium dates for free Onion Head Emoticons 64
That's all that I know about dates, Allah always prefect in create all part of this tiny world, Subhanallah and Alhamdulillaaahhh... happy fasting everyone may health and happiness bless you always Onion Head Emoticons 73

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