Counting down of 2010

My bad I can't remember what happen for a single month very well. Some photo documentation help me by its date. So I try to digiscrap- photos of 2010 per months, and totally makes me tired and get a lil' bit dizzy doing scrap, shorting, recall, memorize, anything at the same time, 12 frames, but finally done. hummm... not bad I think.... (ya to be honest it's not good, hiehehehee) enjoy this,

January... almost a year ago huh? I'm sorry I can't remember what might be special on this month, but my photo documentation told me that I started 2010 with my lovely friends, piska n mbem at my father's friend cottage in puncak/ciawi, big enough and had a good scene of mt. and the park also interesting, we can't stand to take a picture, there's no tv in this cottage, so at night we totally chit chat, eating and enjoy the scene untill we fall asleep... uh, I'm sorry, I think we watch korean drama on my laptop anyway... ikikikikk the first group of activity is the older's one..

February, looks like the "warming up-month" for my research, in this month I started sampling for research from west java to (almost) east java in just 5 days, it's fun, we got about 19 samples, culinary and visiting each city's square also. Another activity is laboratory training, it just take 2-3 days (I'm sorry, my bad.. to forget it) but I remember that I was late for the first day, ffiiuuhhh I almost can't get in... after I get my cetificate for laboratory training. I started make trial error for my sample... it's quite horrible and takes time.

March. My photo files had laboratory activity in this month, so I guess we find the method started doing extraction after doing trial error. so overall... this is a laboratory month, and takes time to discuss the right method with my advisor lecturer, and hey we invented the simple and cheap method to extract nano fraction, see? hummm... my archieve on march showed that I started make a blog named "Catatan Tingkat Akhir" wohooo... idealsm started.

April. Still about my research, when extracting on progress and had laboratory activity on this month, some result makes data, and I need to go another step from beginning, and of courese it need reference : BOOK. Okay, ready to hear this? It's my another first time going to university library after 3 years in IPB Onion Emoticons and it's also the first time I apply for kartu perpustakaan for borrowed the book. uhh...shame on me, even the librarian laugh at me for being soooo latee...and lazy (maybe) hihihiii

May. I think I need a holiday with my family. The date on picture files told so. Having fun due to my mother's family gathering from her office, takes place in Ciater, west Java. Good place, good view and so many outbond activity, not too dangerous and not too chalenging, only fun... hahahaa... what else happen in mayy?? even in my blog echieve didn't tell anything but my research.. so, I still busy with my research..

June. My Birthday-month, just celebrate it with my family and my best friends. I think it's too much for 22-years-old-girl having celebration like this. but thank you anyway and thank God, You still blessed me with lovely people around me, hummmm... what makes june so special except my birthday, ahhh... my bad, I forget it... I'm sorry...Onion Emoticon the blog achive shows that I'm getting frustated with my research...

July. it's Piska's b'day. we made a little surprise for her, and it works... hahahaha even in complicated way, but overall the mission is acomplised. And based on blog achive (ahh...blog helped me so much to recall my memories) I think this month I had another activity beside research, like attending bookfair, make over my room... and hey, I'm oficially becoming commuter, check this out...

August. It's fasting month, if I'm not mistaken. Hmmmm.... I was planning to make reunion of my elementary school's friend, it kind of difficult to make they come, but it awfuly succesed, almost all of my friends come to my house. well the price is paid when I invited the door to door. To be honest, being even organizer is not easy, hahahahaa... it's just the small even, but I get confused within...

October! yiahhahaaa...don't ask where september go, I'll tell if I'm ready... MSN Onion Icons soooo, october I think I'm spending 2010 with my two lovely friend mbem and piska, haa, what makes october special? yet, It's another first time I go to TMII and enchanted by its comlplextion and its beauty heritage (ahahaha lebay). thanks mama for taking me in her belitong reunion, so many belitongs and belitong's food here. My curiosity of learning culture is fulfilled. I have to come back here later...

November. Many things happen in this month, (ahaaaa... it's just because my memories of november still in head, anyway) it's my father's bday, my parents' anniversary..... and, my seminar (finally) succesfully held. yeaayy...! hummmm....I forget (againnnn) wheter on october or november I started the TOEFL preparation, and also started ride BIBOP, and becoming my last-2-months-busiest activity...

ahhh...finally December. Two or maybe three special things happen, first... I met kitties, and the second it's my graduation month, Alhamdulillahhh... thank God, I can make it in the end of the year, so what's the third?! (ahhh.... it's just a hope actually) May Allah give the way to get my career on 2011..amiiinnn..

SO, it's just 12 months, that I'm passing by, I learn so much....and of course it's a really special year for me, my turning point of 2010,and september.... I want to keep you for another year...

Yesterday is History, Tommorow is a mystery, and Today is a gift, that is way it is called present, isn't?

do you remember?


new home?

hey cat, you made some scratch in your new home, are you going to show me that you need new home? are you not comfortable to sleep in?

so, tell me is it your favourite spot?


end at 328

I get busy soon, to get my SKL (surat keterangan lulus) deadline at least this year, I thought it could be done in just 1 or 2 days, but as a matter a fact, quite complicated and I try to organize them. I love to organize, it makes me easier doing all thing but when I get home, they are in a mess....
and today, is the turning point, just need 15 minutes to do the SKL from rectorate. what else? from busiest into quite, sit in silence, alone in rectorate with graduation form in my hand, 2 months to go... looks like end at 328, but this is my "ticket" to the real life, it just started....


Today's Quote

You don't have to feel like a waste of space
original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the
future holds
a hurricane comes a rainbow

                                                                        -fireworks, katy pery-


Too Naive

okay, where to start.. lately I got at least two phenomenon? incident? or what? something that lead to conclusion I was too naive to face those things, my friend said

world is full of bad guy

first incident happen when I ride BIBOP to campus, I hit the deep hole and looks like it the cause of my tire collapse, hummm okay, alone, I count my self to make it, stay cool, at least I know what to do, go to baggage, take the extra tire and jack, and call my dad, I started panic, because I was late and got some trouble here, I just expect my dad give some instruction to do that, just to make sure I do the right step, but my dad keep asking me to search people to give some help, okay... I just make my dad panic too... later, I calm down
inspite of late, I called k' dedi to told that I might be late to campus because my tire is collapse, but it makes k'dedi ask where I am, and want to help me out... another one is panic,

just me and my self on the road, analize if I put jack on the right position, and it works, okay next changing the tire, while my half-work done, someone come to me and help me out, ahhh thank God anyway, while he changing my tire we had some chat, and finally done.
to be honest I just don't know what to do, I just say many many thank to him, after he gone away, soon I got in car, it was raining...sit in silence, I just feel something that I supossed to do, I looked my phone, there are so many missed call from my dad and k'dedi, then I called my dad, told everything okay, someone had helped me out... and my father remind me, did I give some money to man who helped me? "nope" I said "should I?" (okay, it silly question anyway) I just replaced if I were him, if I want to help someone, just help. I didn't expect more, I might be offended if someone gave me money.
maybe this thoughts is totally wrong, I was too naive, people aren't the same. If he need it, I'm sorry, because I was too naive, I just pray from deep inside my heart that the man who helped me got more than just money after helped me, amiiin...

the extra tire need more air, still in feeling sorry because I didn't give money to that man, I go to tire shop to fill the tire with air, ya I know I should pay for this, rite? I did this before, but in fact it's free...ahhhh what a strange day,
I forgot to called k'dedi, hiahhh.... where is he? it's raining too.. he is on the way, and I asked him to get back to campus, thank you and I'm sorry k dedi....

and the second incident is exactly happen yesterday, a motorcycle hit my mom's car, I was there too, it's horrible, seeing the rider meet the aspahlt right in front of us, it's totally shocking moment for me, I can't stand imagine what happen next, the man is old enough, and riding the motorcycle with full speed. Well, of course we get a little chaos here, thanks God it's just a little scracth on him, he still can stand and grumbling, of course the man who felt guilty will tell more alibi without being asked.
Motorcycle vs car, sometime motorcycle always claimed being victim because the damage and risk is higher. Sick and tired listening the argument, with smiley face I take him to clinic (I was acting to make him stop mumbling). he looks a little surprised, and calm up. At the clinic he admit that he ride motorcycle fast. Okay, mission completed that sometime you don't need extra muscle to make someone admit his fault, people in the dark always dazzled with (even) a little shine. Anyway, I think we have done our responsibility, it left a bad damage too in my mom's car, worse than his motorcycle. Fair. But you know what, when his friend came, he tell the opposite thing and keep asking the compesation to my mom, I think it's the beginning of exortion.
hhhh....I get mad, and sorry to say, this is make the educated and non-educated people different, "educated" here mean their behaviour, the good people, will makes good impact to their life too. non-educated behaviour makes someone bad. Well, world is full with bad guy, and some trouble caused by bad guy, and need bad-way-solution too, to make it, should we??
everybody is goin' crazy...let God deal with the things they do.


a little surprise

hellllooooo..... I got lot to do, I almost missed an important thing to tell, that I had my thesis examination on december, 18. Don't you notice that I recently post on december, 17?ya it's cupcake-ing! I didn't tell you what the good news is, just celebrate it with cupcakes, because tommorow we had thesis-exam, I prefer celebrate than study at night before exam, (don't you dare try this, hahaaa)
there are some purpose,
First, I wanna make it some little surprise, so I don't want everybody knows that I held sidang on saturday, I want everybody knows that I already graduated when I told them.
Second, I actually got nervous for this stuff, I'd rather loose my euphoria of exam, and expect nobody come, make it just ordinary oral test.. ya it's much better then I called it sidang, so I didn't tell anybody that I had exam tommorow.

My mission is half acomplished, because.... on the second point, my mom got my thesis signed that I had exam "on 18 december" ahhhh... okay mom, it's not surprise anymore, ya I got exam tommorow, but please don't come, it makes me nervous, okay?!
and I'm sorry to my friends, I didn't tell you guys, eheeeee... but got ya on first point! hahahaa, I told you when I graduated,

about the exam.... don't ask, I admit that 3 of my lecturer are awsome, they didn't loose their energy of testing us, even it's marathon exam for me, sherlie and k'dedi, (held at 8am to 4pm) I got the last turn, on 1.30 to 3.30, two hours being asked, makes me don't know anything, almost anything that I write on my thesis is different from my answer, goshh.. I totally nervous, and the question is unexpected,
and when the result told, 3 of us get in the room, and my advisor lecturrer offer us to take another test, because we admit that we were not satisfy enough with our answer.... (does it mean we postpone another test?!..huffttt) at that time we looked each other, what are we gonna do?! while our lecturer matched their schedule,

oke, tanggal 12 januari,
kalian ada 3 pilihan tempatnya : hanmasa, ayam bakar, soto banjar?!

ck, confused?! yes we were, even need several minute to get it, hahhaaaa.... lemeeeessssss....
got us! we don't have to take another sidang because we got A for skripsi, ahhh thank God, thank you my lecturers, I get surprised before surprising huh....


the shoes-lover

Why the cute perry loves my shoes?! playing with my shoe and gettin' in, she almost there for a long time, my shoe is like sleeping bag, it fit on her..ckkk..



I don't know suddenly a picture of cupcakes landed on my mind, I crave for cupcakes, ehehehe....so I told dedi and sherlie when we were waiting our lecturer to discuss the thesis. "hey.. do you remember rumah cupcakes near taman kencana, bogor?" yup... sherlie know what I mean, and they are agree to accompany me who craving so much for this cake, huaaahh kind of you my friends...cupcupmuacchhh. And the discussion with our lecturer didn't take too long, and give good news for us!, okay let's celebrate with cupcakes, as soon as we head to rumah cupcakes, there you are

Dedi choose blackforrest in cup ( sound strange huh?, Ya it definetly because I misremember what its name, nyahahaa), I choose pickless, and Sherlie choose blueberry chiz since she doesn't like chocolate~> weird... The apearance meet expectation, looks delicious but the taste?? standard, I just taste cream and rrrrrr....cream but not creamy, how I describe it? one word : Flat haha even sherlie said that she's prefer Breadtalk © than cupcake, fortunately the price still make sense, ahhh.. the atmosphere here sooo cozy, typical of Bogor climate. Recomended place to have a long..long chat with your friend, or escaping maybe?
After we had cupcake yahh.. kinda upset with the taste, before our stomach get full, should take the second round of food battle, we head to soto banjar, padjajaran... dedi's uncle is the owner, and the taste is...PERFECTO!! and the important is..... go home without paying ikikikikikkk thank you dediiii !!


new desktop

dunno what to write, to motivate me doing my thesis, I change my desktop like thiss... those scrapbooking-stuff, I love it, put some words, taraaaa....

good nite all,

Today's Quote

Home, Love, Family
I will never be complete until I found you.....

-Journey to the past, Aaliyah-


Playing with Kitties!

On sunday afternoon, when I had some chat with my friend, a kitten running into me. I was wondering, how come? where did she come from? where was her mother? why she bravely running into strange people while her mother meow at the distance calling her? what was she searching for? (the complete-5WH question, means there is a big question mark in my head eheheee)

ahh.. cute kitty, when we get closer her eyes can't see perfectly I guess, she's just some weeks-old, so she just follow the light and significant movement, okay kitty, let's play!... while I was playing with kitty, another one come.... ahhhh, you should be Perry... So, there you are, two cute kittens, Kitty-Perry !

This shoes box is enough for their mother too, but why they look not comfortable with their new home?... hummmmm..yes, it's too small, hihiii

for some time... Another kitty here? the same color like kitty, for the first minute I can't differenciate them, later I know another kitty had shorter tail, hummm.... what should I call you "another kitty"? cathy? lady? gaga? hahaaa, you knew it on my previous post about cat, after changing name for so many times, and fortunately she didn't care at all, even notice I think, but you shold have name! for short time I call her mary, ahhh... almost got me frustated.... 3 kittens and one mother, ya, absolutely you should have new home! a bigger shoes box, eheheheh

big enough huh? are you completely bring your kitties here, right?

At the night I found the uniqe kitty here, she had different face, I hope kitties' mother didn't took another's, And now we have kitty-perry, and.. mary-cat, hahahaa.. twins name, I'm sorry cat, you have uniqe face but I give common name, catie..caty? ahhh... it doesn't matter anyway... whoever I call every kitties come over me, that's why I love to play with them, they are too lovely, and take hours to get their picture, check this out !

Our First Meet


Let's Play!

I can't sleep

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