I don't know suddenly a picture of cupcakes landed on my mind, I crave for cupcakes, ehehehe....so I told dedi and sherlie when we were waiting our lecturer to discuss the thesis. "hey.. do you remember rumah cupcakes near taman kencana, bogor?" yup... sherlie know what I mean, and they are agree to accompany me who craving so much for this cake, huaaahh kind of you my friends...cupcupmuacchhh. And the discussion with our lecturer didn't take too long, and give good news for us!, okay let's celebrate with cupcakes, as soon as we head to rumah cupcakes, there you are

Dedi choose blackforrest in cup ( sound strange huh?, Ya it definetly because I misremember what its name, nyahahaa), I choose pickless, and Sherlie choose blueberry chiz since she doesn't like chocolate~> weird... The apearance meet expectation, looks delicious but the taste?? standard, I just taste cream and rrrrrr....cream but not creamy, how I describe it? one word : Flat haha even sherlie said that she's prefer Breadtalk © than cupcake, fortunately the price still make sense, ahhh.. the atmosphere here sooo cozy, typical of Bogor climate. Recomended place to have a long..long chat with your friend, or escaping maybe?
After we had cupcake yahh.. kinda upset with the taste, before our stomach get full, should take the second round of food battle, we head to soto banjar, padjajaran... dedi's uncle is the owner, and the taste is...PERFECTO!! and the important is..... go home without paying ikikikikikkk thank you dediiii !!


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