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About a week ago when I woke up in the morning, I found my self in a ridiculous activity : meet the weight scale, hahahaa and those number changes my way of life for the next day. The 2-digits-number doesn't make sense anymore, whooooaa I have to do something..
since I wake up late recently and most of morning activity is on my way to campus, I don't have time to do excercise, even jogging like I used to do, I'm too lazy too wake up earlier, okay, actually that was my alibi for being lazy, wkwkwk.. I'll do that after my diet is success, I promise.

Soo.. the most effective way to control my weight is eating habits, no dinner is quite hard for several day, but now I'm getting used to do that (hint: drink water as much as you like when you get hungry at the night) sounds silly, but it works :D .I think I have trouble with my digestive metabolism, so I started to cook some brown rice, and more vegetables... and go on to another healthy menu ala loly I guess, too much watching AFC channel also make my passion of cooking explode! heee... making improvement in some menu, like the picture above make more tasty ( I doubt is it called healthy anymore, break my preception of healty food)

at the first time when I cooked brown rice is not too successful, brown rice needs a lot af water to cook, before cooking brown rice, it need to soak in water for a few hour, and it still need much water than rice..
Water spinach is my favorite one! I like to saute vegetable, it's more tasty.. I did "healthy rice brown" with egg and water spinach and also "fried-brown rice". the second one taste soooo goooddd, the yummy fried rice I ever made, hiii... anothe saute vegetable is cabbage for my lunch, taste more like salad.. but I add chicken breast as protein,
breakfast, make me more experimental for oat bread, I can spread anything, ceese, chocolate, even banana, it has unique taste, and I like it... I get easily full,
and the last one is for my grandma b'day, I was planning to make strawberry shortcake, but it's not like it should be, I called it "strawberry island" and it taste more creamy and soft.. yummmm... wish I can eat every day and ruin my diet...


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