a little surprise

hellllooooo..... I got lot to do, I almost missed an important thing to tell, that I had my thesis examination on december, 18. Don't you notice that I recently post on december, 17?ya it's cupcake-ing! I didn't tell you what the good news is, just celebrate it with cupcakes, because tommorow we had thesis-exam, I prefer celebrate than study at night before exam, (don't you dare try this, hahaaa)
there are some purpose,
First, I wanna make it some little surprise, so I don't want everybody knows that I held sidang on saturday, I want everybody knows that I already graduated when I told them.
Second, I actually got nervous for this stuff, I'd rather loose my euphoria of exam, and expect nobody come, make it just ordinary oral test.. ya it's much better then I called it sidang, so I didn't tell anybody that I had exam tommorow.

My mission is half acomplished, because.... on the second point, my mom got my thesis signed that I had exam "on 18 december" ahhhh... okay mom, it's not surprise anymore, ya I got exam tommorow, but please don't come, it makes me nervous, okay?!
and I'm sorry to my friends, I didn't tell you guys, eheeeee... but got ya on first point! hahahaa, I told you when I graduated,

about the exam.... don't ask, I admit that 3 of my lecturer are awsome, they didn't loose their energy of testing us, even it's marathon exam for me, sherlie and k'dedi, (held at 8am to 4pm) I got the last turn, on 1.30 to 3.30, two hours being asked, makes me don't know anything, almost anything that I write on my thesis is different from my answer, goshh.. I totally nervous, and the question is unexpected,
and when the result told, 3 of us get in the room, and my advisor lecturrer offer us to take another test, because we admit that we were not satisfy enough with our answer.... (does it mean we postpone another test?!..huffttt) at that time we looked each other, what are we gonna do?! while our lecturer matched their schedule,

oke, tanggal 12 januari,
kalian ada 3 pilihan tempatnya : hanmasa, ayam bakar, soto banjar?!

ck, confused?! yes we were, even need several minute to get it, hahhaaaa.... lemeeeessssss....
got us! we don't have to take another sidang because we got A for skripsi, ahhh thank God, thank you my lecturers, I get surprised before surprising huh....


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