Playing with Kitties!

On sunday afternoon, when I had some chat with my friend, a kitten running into me. I was wondering, how come? where did she come from? where was her mother? why she bravely running into strange people while her mother meow at the distance calling her? what was she searching for? (the complete-5WH question, means there is a big question mark in my head eheheee)

ahh.. cute kitty, when we get closer her eyes can't see perfectly I guess, she's just some weeks-old, so she just follow the light and significant movement, okay kitty, let's play!... while I was playing with kitty, another one come.... ahhhh, you should be Perry... So, there you are, two cute kittens, Kitty-Perry !

This shoes box is enough for their mother too, but why they look not comfortable with their new home?... hummmmm..yes, it's too small, hihiii

for some time... Another kitty here? the same color like kitty, for the first minute I can't differenciate them, later I know another kitty had shorter tail, hummm.... what should I call you "another kitty"? cathy? lady? gaga? hahaaa, you knew it on my previous post about cat, after changing name for so many times, and fortunately she didn't care at all, even notice I think, but you shold have name! for short time I call her mary, ahhh... almost got me frustated.... 3 kittens and one mother, ya, absolutely you should have new home! a bigger shoes box, eheheheh

big enough huh? are you completely bring your kitties here, right?

At the night I found the uniqe kitty here, she had different face, I hope kitties' mother didn't took another's, And now we have kitty-perry, and.. mary-cat, hahahaa.. twins name, I'm sorry cat, you have uniqe face but I give common name, catie..caty? ahhh... it doesn't matter anyway... whoever I call every kitties come over me, that's why I love to play with them, they are too lovely, and take hours to get their picture, check this out !

Our First Meet


Let's Play!

I can't sleep


intan said...

hey world,who gave the name of the mary-cat ??
baeun !
once again wooooorld

LiebeLoLy said...

nooo,,I gave "cat" after maryyyy....

Rahwati Helmi said...

kucing2 ina ajarin dong spy gak EE' sembarangan,kan rumah kita jd bauuuuuu..

intan laksmita sari said...

kelakuan kucing menunjukkan kelakuan pemilik.

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