my mood-booster

hey... there's something new at my desk,

look closer....

closer...and closer...

yup... young family on graduation day... what a lovely picture, when my mom was 25 and my dad 28, and little-me wore graduation hat was 2 years-old... I feel hope, passion, happiness, dream, struggle, successful, flower... ahhh any word can describe? such mood-booster for me when I sick and tired doing my thesis, so... it's on purpose I put my to do-list between those photos...looking little-me wear graduation hat, looks like my parents' hope,the passion to complete their study is soo big, in case postpone for married and having a child, it's happiness when they took the dream with struggle. This is a picture of successful that I must achive, you're biggest motivator for me, I'm so proud having parents like you, you're the best parents ever!

with love,


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