Dare to Dream

do you have a dream book, don't you? this is my dream book, although it was an assignment in my 1st year of preparation grade (TPB) before attended major, made about 3 years ago, my first experience of making these stuff is horrible,, please don't comment my handwriting, ya I know it's not good, and how I verbalize those dreams is poor... just..take the positive one,

it should be read 10 years after

take a glance for the context

a hundred dream!! sssttt... on purpose it's unreadable

sooo... do you have a dream book , don't you? dare to dream! even more than half of my hundread dreams not yet come true, never mind... it's free, it's fun, it's something for my future, and someday my dream will take me there, I do believe that..
what are you waiting for! start googling, search the best picture, put them in your dream book, no pressure, plan your own future for the next 5 or 10 years... happy dream-book-ing


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