Craving For Crispy Spicy Chicken

For uncounted.... so many times I and Tubby go to this place, yup the restaurant that one day I accidentally found to have a lunch at Grand Indonesia. Since the first bite of its crispy spicy chicken, I swear I will come back for that...hahahahaha lebay Onion Head Emoticons 7.
It's Kamikaze Karaage, 

They have crispy chicken with  selection spice, my favorite one is kamikaze, it's quite hot but I won't try harakiri sauce anymore, hahahahaha that should be insane you can eat chicken with super-duper-hot-sauce slowly... no...no...for me it's all about enjoying food, so when you want to decided spicy sensation but still enjoying your meal just choose kamikaze sauce, okay?! nah, the picture above is pretty good deal for me, it's mix karaage. There's chicken crispy karaage and beef yakiniku plus rice plus 2 sides menu like chiizu korokke and kani corn salad all cost about 30K IDR. Ahhh... since the easiest way and comfort place at GI I often go to GI just for having this japanese crispy chicken, actually they have others store like BSD, PVJ and CP. The last one is a new store and too bad they left bad impression, the place is too small and become crowded because most of customers using disdus voucher ( I have 5 vouchers for my own actually, but the crowded postponed me to use them). That place is quite far if I just want to have lunch at week day, that makes me looking out for another crispy chicken, (I hope kamikaze opening soon at cibubur, hihihihi), there you go the review about crispy chicken...

#Kamikaze Karaage

Yes, I crazy for the unique crispy outside and the yummy kamikaze sauce. Looks like it takes long time to cook, because the chicken is soak by spice, so after you have the crunchy skin (it's different from others fastfood fried chicken yaa) you will taste the juicy and spicy chicken. I don't know what kind of cooking technique they had, I used to order the chicken for take away, after hours, I still enjoy the crunchy skin at home. At Grand Indonesia they serve it very well, it took quite long time but it's okay they made by ultimate sacrifice so the taste never make you upset. the size of chicken is pretty big too and the best quality I guess. Ah their ocha also, the unique one, I know that should be the extracted one, but it's still refreshing and I love the smell of ocha.

#Bon Chon

This is korean crispy chicken I purposely find this crispy chicken at Gandaria City, they have more store than kamikaze, you can find it esily. They only have 2 kind of sauce original one or spicy. I choose spicy one. The size of chicken is small, cannot fullfilll your hunger tummy even concist of 5 pieces 1 portion, trust me. The sauce is so so, not too spicy even they said it's spicy one I guess they become red and shinny because of tomato sause, hihihihi...ummmm what else, yeah...I think they cooked it fastly thus they tasty untill the skin, the meat is still white and tend to tasteless. I quite upset with the service too as if we eating like a jokes, they only serve it with cardboard, morever if you order rice they give just like burger, without plate, hmmmm...but this one is more cheap than other.

#Omo! Chicken

Another korean spicy chicken. This is chicken fingers with hot sauce cost 25K IDR for 125 gram. They have a perfect match : ancovy and seaweed rice ball. About the taste looks like they cooked it beautifully and took quite long time. The sauce actually not my type because the spicy comes from pepper not chilli, it also have sweet aftertaste. I think it's worthed to try for pepper lover, because the pepper is so dominant here.

# Richeese Fire Wings

Actually this is the emergency, because I'm craving too much of spicy chicken, I found richeese factory at Cibubur Junction. They're on soft opening so I have special price that time. I spend less 100K IDR for two menus. I remember it was ramadhan, we breakfasting with fire wing ahahahaha...We choose level 3 of 5. I guess it will be so so. That's totally wrong... we have to eat it quickly, and buy extra drink. You will not be able to speak but only wipe your tears and sweat while eating. seriously. I used to think other blogger get it too much when reviewing this fire wing. This time you'll say that it is true...hahaha but the cheese sauce helps a lot for the burning tongue, here's some tips for eating-something-too-spicy ;
1. Bring your own tissue or hand kerchief to wipe your tears and sweat, seriously you'll need it.
2. Choose free flow drink (so you don't spend extra money for another drinks)
3. Choose high density drink (aaahhh what is that?!) just like milk for example, the particle will cover your tongue and dispel the burnt feeling quickly than just a water
4. Eat seriously, focus on what you eat, never laught at your mate face, it will took long time for your tongue to taste the spice
5. Eat quickly, so you don't have time to taste the too-spicy-food
6. DON'T touch your eyes soon after eat, even you already wash it, ahahahaha seriously that will burnt your eyes too...hahahaha
One day I and Tubby back again, we discussed many time wheter order level 5 or level 1 hahahahaa....finally order level 1 "Level 5 should be inhumane! that's not a food," said Tubby, hahahahahaha

#Shihlin Taiwan Street Food

I don't know much about this taiwan street food. The curriousity comes after I see that kind of food at anakjajan's instagram, she post token, I guess it's the same food.  I found it at CP. I forget what the name of this food something sound like XXL crispy chicken, I ordr this by pointing the food, hihihihih...So It's foured-deep-frying-chicken-fillet that chopped into pieces and sprinkled with seasoned and spicy powder. We eat using skewer, you'll spend about 25K IDR for one portion. That much enough, 2 person is enough to et one portion.


Literally Frozen by Froyo

Hey ho! I want to get my blog's life back Onion Head Emoticons 51 but then I realize that most of my recent post is about reviewing food. Well then, its just because I have tubby as a parter in crime tasting many kind of food, fulfill my craving of...anything. Recently I crave for frozen yogurt, so we having froyo race by taste about 4 frozen yogurt in one day, hihihihii.... I just currious what makes froyo stall different from others. So after fitness we straightly went to...

#Jcool by Jco

It's simply can be found in any JCo and this was the cheapest and the easiest froyo to find. We spent 25K IDR for double froyo with 2 + 1 topping. I choose straberry maochi, longan and almond for topping. There's only original froyo available, if I'm not mistaken jco also have twist froyo with bluberry or mango i guess, too bad I don't have experience tasting them, hihihi... So far Jco's original froyo have a light texture, the sour and sweeteness is enough. But Jco froyo easily melt so we have to be quick quick to eat... ahhhh yup, that was still early to buy froyo so they give the topping pretty much than usual hihihihi..

Done with Jco, we quickly went to Grand Indonesia to eat...Kamikaze #oops hahahaha of course we have to fill our stomach instead frozen by froyo, kamikaze is my favorite chicken cooked with japanese style, and umm maybe...I will tell you more about this in next post.
So! Back to topic, the second place of froyo race is....

#Red Mango

Based on our route we have to go to Plaza indonesia first, but when we use escalator the red mango stall looked clearly next to LG escalator, so we decided to try red mango first. Based on my survey on another blogger's experience, red mango's froyo is authentic one and famous because of leonardo de caprio have the red mango royo macine, hmmmm... we decided to order twin tower cost 52K IDR before tax, quite expensive for froyo, moreover we just eat the chepest froyo before. It's okay, if they said this is the authentic one, so I prepared my saliva for the extra sour froyo. I choose the same topping for froyo (mochi, longan and almond) and pick chocolate and blueberry for froyo. I get a lil bit upset when try the froyo, there's no sour taste at all, just like ice cream, uugghh maybe I didn't pick the original one. I don't know if froyo keep freeze for too much time being an advantage, that makes the texture is too "stiff" for me. This froyo is not my type, just to know...hihiihihii Onion Head Emoticons 114

#Heavenly Blush

Done with red mango, we cross into Plaza Indonesia actually there's 2 froyo place as destination, first is maru 2nd is heavenly blush. I know maru by browsing at internet, the japanese frozen yogurt, but then we search the index of mall didn't find maru....simply because maru doesn't exist anymore. It's okay because we find heavenly blush easily at L2 I forget how much we spent for one medium cup of froyo, 30K IDR-something lah. We order froyo twist original and pomegranate with longan and almond, ahhh only two topping. It's okay, because so far it's one of our favorite. The pomegranate and original froyo have a soft texture, not too heavy and have a good combination between sour and sweet, none of them is dominant. it's healthy too...I recomended this one, you have to try them...

#Sour Sally

Back to Grand Indonesia, we hunting for sour sally, and....based on my survey, sour sally is taste good. So, Tubby have a-save-the-best-for-the-last-strategic but that's not working at all. The place is too small so they can't accomodate the buyer. We confuse where to sit because the place too full, there's only four tabble, maybe the set it for take away order. So we decided to postpone buy froyo and have a walk for a while untill the sit is available. While we have a walk we found uniqe sushi stall, ahhh suddenly we eat sushi, while our stomach is already full with froyo, hahahaha....we have short-amnesia to our race, done with sushi we back for sour sally..aha there's promotion with flash card, so I spent around 50K IDR for upgrading size into large. I choose froyo original twist with taro, with longan, mochi and almond for topping, ummmm...as I told before that we have too much for our belly before having the last one, the taste is not objective. Our tongue is freeze already, hahahahaha we taste bitter for this froyo, but believe me it's just because we having froyo too much. Onion Head Emoticons 5 the taste should be refreshing and light one, I guess...ahhh I will come back again to tell you.


This is the reasond why we having froyo race. One day I atrracted with colorfull big stall at central park. It is smooch, the self-service froyo stall, they sell the yogurt not by portion but by weight. So here's my strategy to have a cheap unlimited froyo: choose the dry topping Onion Head Emoticons 35 by then they will be more light, hahahahaa they have pretty much flavour of froyo, smooch is one of my favorite too. the best one is mojito and melon. The texture is soft not easy to melt and more refreshing sour. Yes I will come back for more, I get addicted with mojito, but its pretty expensive if you loose control, be careful with this kind of froyo...hihihihihi the picture above is strawberry and blueberry froyo with mochi, longan and almond I spend abour 40K IDR for that. But I definately comeback for smooch 

#Tutti Frutti

Ahhh...I have this froyou yesterday, this is cost by weight too, so I have my own strategy for this one : choose the dry topping. Tutti frutti at central park L3 not far away from omo! chicken. They have many flavour too, but we choose bubble gum, chocolate and berries. for topping we add marshmallow, almond and colorfull sprinkle, that's all cost 38K IDR pretty good deal. but taste is not best one, so-so and sweet more dominant, I can't taste the sour of yogurt here..Onion Head Emoticons 62

Sooo....which froyo do you want to have? take me if you want to taste one of them yaaa I'll be hapilly help you to eat, hihihi

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