Hello December

Hello December! I guess some of my college friends are happy today and waited for this lovely month, It's graduation month and right on 1st day of desember the ceremony is held... well, even I loose my target to graduate this year, I'm happy for you guys
You still can find me at campus if you miss me anyway, wkwkwkwk... in a couple month I enjoy my life as student college, you guys must be envy to me (devil laugh) did I said "I'll be missing these things" before?

Let's talk about future. To face the real life, struggle way is needed to accomplish your life and also being perfect, any mistakes that you made is big price to pay, unlike student do, where mistakes made to be learnt (whoaa... so, the pressure that I had while doing my thesis, it is just a little part huh? big thanks for my lecturer). It doesn't mean when you graduated you stop learning from mistake, it's just make different impact when you do a mistake, I'm talking about responsibility too. Sure, everybody learn their every-day-life-lesson. Well, that was my humble opinion of working-life, I wonder is it monoton or dynamic life? sometimes I found working people need more holiday than student do, does it mean they easily get bored because monoton life? ehehee...

I used to be the one who doens't have visionary way of life like others. Since I know how perfectionist I am, hahahaa stubborn is fixed most : failed in planning something or don't get what I want is giving huge negative impact for me, easily breakdown and upset... looks like I would not make any decision for future, until I Learn My Lesson that life ain't that damn hard when you love it..

Yesterday for today, today for tomorrow

someone comes, and it remind me with his magic words this morning, yes it is something for me! Brighten up my december morning, happy to the max! (lebay)
Thanks God for blessing me with beloved person around, need extra understanding to stay beside me, ehehe...


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