Lovely Monday Morning

Good morning! it's monday morning and Love is in the air... I feel blessed when I woke up this morning,

the routines that I had...
like mom's yell or daddy's tickle to wake me up...
had shower and drink a cup of tea, made by mom
having breakfast with dad's chooice whoooaa fried banana is today's menu,
and when my mom made the busy-morning atmosphere at home to prepare my lunch box (rrrt..college student, still need it anyway)
and make sure I'm not get hungry in the campus, what kind of place she thought I would go to?!, it's just campus
when my father started to warm up the engine, checked whether the fuel is full, and kind of macine stuff so my car is ready to go,

this is too much, and I sink of their love... a 22-years-old-girl still had those things, uncommon..
I love to see mt. pangrango at sentul highway, and fortunatelly I go to the oposite dirrection of busiest route : jakarta-bogor,
I love to sing along in the car
I love to race at highway (ooopps)
I love to see my greeny campus
I love to sit at the coolsite
I love to meet my everyday-partner (hahahaa..3 of us as one item)
I love to eat my mom's lunch box

I don't know why, but today I feel "soon I will miss these things"...


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