it's true that picture told a thousand words
it's lollypop, it's half eaten, it's not round, it's not colorful, but still it's sweet....

what did you get from them?
so many... but why I'm thinking about consistency, candy always sweet from started until the last suck no matter how it shaped, no matter how it colored...It's different when you talk about gum, (is it gum kind of candy?) heheee whatever it is, they have similiar thing that everyone started them from the sweet taste... I remember when I was child, my mom told me to throw away gum when they're not swet anymore, don't swallow them, ya dangerous and sticky...
when talking about heart,
always be lollypop, even your heart half left, you can give the sweet taste until the end, rrrrrrr...what I'm talking about It's just about consistency anyway,


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