That Love-life stuff...

That love-life stuff, I had it all already,
had a feeling up-side-down like rollercoaster,
not only...
had someone beside you
had relationship
had someone to love
feeling happy when the one you love care enough for you

but also...
in spite of time

had many sleepless night
had many tears and try to smile
had something that you don't like and try so hard to like it
had pretended that everything's okay
had tried to make everything like it used to be
tired of wondering..

that was all I know about relationship, in circumstane...
and I don't have any passion to had these feeling anymore...
I love my life now..

afraid falling in love anymore...

it is Falling...

Falling in love just a process, and every process had to be done
in the end, when reached the bottom,hit the ground, it breaks your heart
not yet ready for that one,
not easy to mend

I'm not ready to fall in love anymore,
at least fall into the right heart ;)


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