My Lover too

He is my number one lover ...Si Ganteng
I don't have any particular name for cat actually, I'm not the creative one giving name for pet, as I remember, my former cat named Mi Obeng (because the sound when he mew is rough just like swallowed screwdriver), Pussy- the common name, miu-another common name, cuty (how I spell it, comes from "cute", and -ty as prefix) just say it is so...

The Most Gentle Cat Ever !

yes he is, if he was a human, he must be handsome and gentle one, he's cool too... well, actually si Ganteng is wild cat, he just come around my home and take a nap, or just pass by, the first time I met him, when I took his picture while he was sleeping, since I know he is wild cat I don't make any move in order to make him stay and didn't distrubed, as a matter a fact he just stay cool when I stepped closer and try to touch him, and he also love camera... the cooperative relationship is built,

hummmmm....but you're smell bad ganteng, I can't stand close to you...go take a bath!

*but you're still the coolest cat ever....


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