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Read the question below. you have 30 minutes to plan, write and revise your essay. Typically, an effective response contains a minimum of 300 words.

Question :

do you agree or disagree with the following statement :

Childhood is the happiest time of a person's life

use specific reasons and example to support your opinion

I don't agree that Chilhood is the happiest time of person's life, because every part of someone life's has equal happiness if someone love and enjoyed every stage of their life. every stage as a child, as a teenager, as a worker in their productive age, as a parent or even as a older one. they could not be compared each other and decided which is the happiest one.

In my opinion, childhood could be the happiest time if someone looked from its pleasure and responsibility in childhoos's life. As a child, we enjoyed the result of our parents to take responsibility to asure give their children get a better life, we just don't care how they make it, is a pleasure to play, to sleep, or even eat every day, they are childhood's activity. But look, as a teenager could be the happiest too, because in this stage you will learn something new, every day. and then as a worker in productive age, achievement is a goal the more you get the more productive you are, it overcome the happiness in your life too. As a parent watching your kids grow up and be a better person than who you are become the happiest thing, and also as the older one, as a grangmother or grandfather, watch your kids become sucsess, and having a grandchild also could be make your life peacefull too, that is called as happiness things. well, each stage of our life has important things that could not pass by, because when you lose something, some part of your stage-life you will miss the beautiful thing that make your life happy.

so, Childhood is not the happiest time in someone's life. Each stage in someone's life could not be separated and compared. as long as someone love and enjoyed their every part of life, your LIFE is happiest one, not your childhood part.

ya, it's not a good one, even the worst I think (after I read conciously) hahahaah, this is the 2nd question of writing part of practice mode, and I do the tricky one, damn... I worried about iBT test cost $160, with my ability and this condition, I think I should take the paper based before, not ready yet :(


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