It's almost end of february and I just posted one story (Maybe next time I'll tell what I had lately based on its date, yeah some like cheating to make my blog continuously written wish I had spare time to post it, it's written on my mind already, what-to-write, what-to-show)
So, trying to fulfill my promise to my self (at least) being consistent of what I had decided. First, I want to talk about my blog's tittle, it is Memoirs of Imperfection, that had impression the blog of imperfect side of me. I just realized it and it should be true. but as a matter of fact most of all who read my blog said this blog is story about perfection. I got the point. I bravely lie to my self.
and the second is, the effect of what I've done lying to my self (sometimes) pretend to be happy. sometimes feeling so grateful, shown in this as the words I said, it being tested...and being consistent is the only way to face it.
okay, let's think about something lead to consistency. . .
I won't write anything, but I let you imagine how consistency can bring character, and character is some powerful thing to achive,

am I desperate now? NO, I just try being consistent, and it so damn hard


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