Good Morning Boo...

Can't stand not to tell you what happen this morning, bubu splased at pond..

That should be extraordinary-morning-activity, ever! Onion Iconmy mom got nothing to do except watching bubu almost sink at pond. Mpok--my maid, scream so loud then try to catch bubu. My dad had his routine at bathroom, just go out from there leaving something "undone" (you know, huh). Me? jump from bed then try to understand what realy happen?

okay, maybe I'm the last person at home who aware of that noise. How can I understand when I try to walk out the door I find bubu running fast right in front of me, soaked of water, watery...and then...the most strange scenery, my dad come up with towel running, screaming.."kenapa bubu! kenapa bubu!!" and then in a million chance, he tumbling down right in front of me, still with that towel on. Try to stand up and calling "bubuuuu...?" Just like watching tom and jerry, I do nothing, but enchanted. Is it real? this early morning? hahahahaaaa....what a mess morning. I'm sorry dad, that must be hurt. I'm sorry bubu, that must be shocking moment for you. But it so damn funny ..
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anyway, who is bubu?
Sorry, for belated update. Bubu is my cat. I call her boo sometimes. I bought about 1,5 months ago. She is 6-month-old medium persian. Ya just like baby, she loves playing, eating, and sleeping (what else another cat do besides those all, ihihiiii) Even though she's hungry, she never
mew too loud and in rare frequency. she doesn't like dried food, so I have to soften the cat food, soak in hot water, mixed with wet food, and feed her with spoon, feed like baby. I bet no other cat do the same thing as bubu. Since she was here all attention goes to bubu. Everybody loves bubu. Even my mom and dad call bubu when they get home, it supposed to be me, their only child, huhuhu...

Since she knows everyone notice all of thing she does, this hyperactive-cat like to run fast evenly, go upstair, and gone. And when everybody at home got panic find she's gone, I saw her sit quitely at roof. She knew I was calling for her, but she want me to catch her. That was the first time, it was so hard to get her back. I thought she only do that once, but go on second, third,... so on... I let her at roof, eventually she'll come back when she want. But this morning, as usual bubu at roof, and come home directly to the pond, something scare her thus uncontrolled running. It must be si ganteng. hemmmpphh .....

So there you are bubu, so wet and your heart beat so fast. I was worry that you got big shock therapy and injured. but so far, you doin all so good. things happen like usual, include lying on the roof, right now, when I post this blog... ahhh bubu, just like a child. (she is!)

webcaming with boo
It doesn't take too long for bubu to recover. After get her fur dry, she accompany me doin all activity. Her curriousity is big....fyi, she's not the kind of cat who can sit in silence and pet her anytime, rrrrr....

it's my free weekend anyway, so I can post some story today, hihihiii... hello my blog, how are you.. Do you miss me huh?
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