I miss Micho

Okay Who is micho? Micho is my bike, you can read story about it more at my here. One day my Editor need a picture of bicycle as you know that the one and the greatest bike ever is mine MSN Onion Emoticons#lebay my neighbour had good wall to take picture with as the background. I realize it's been a while i didn't ride to my offiice. Since it always raining and I always come home late at night. Wish I could ride you at least at suday micho....

So, I remember the first time ride my bike is the first time I went to my office. That time I was excited riding mico. But my office didn't have bicycle parking lot. So I put micho along the big tree in front the office. Well, micho become famous at my first day work. MSN Onion EmoticonsIt happen almost 2--3 months, when I arrived at office at 8 am and go home at 5 pm. I love the afternoon atmosphere when go home. at one day afternoon, someone who riding motorcycle slow his speed to get along with me. I don't know him, and I guess so did he. But he said he look at me every morning ride bicycle and go home at afternoon. He asked me where did I work? Why I ride bicycle? Then he said how healty it is, then he tell story about his friend who lost weight by not eating at night bla-bla-bla... wow, I smile while riding bicycle feel quite motivate. But to ensure me I was being motivated he said, "Saya yakin mbak juga bisa kurus kalo rutin." then he smile at me. Hahahahahaa I didn't think he would said that. Thank you I consider it.

Ya, It was old story about a year ago. When I can ride bike not only to office but also doing my duty, taking picture at UI and pintu tol cibubur. Yes it's crazy anyway I ride to UI depok first from home. Across railway station and bring camera. Take some picture of bintaro trees, waiting for train. Yes, because I want to take picture of train (public transportation means). While im waiting I was being offered to get in the train, hihihiiii maybe they thought I'm trully biker to work. Done with bintaro at UI depok, I went to pintu tol cibubur. I admit it that was long-long way to gooo... You need 15 minutes by motorcycle from Depok to Cibubur. But it's okay since I love to do it. About an hour riding, finally I can get there, taking picture of trafict jam. Cooling down at gas station, because it was hot noon MSN Onion Emoticon

I came to traditional market by micho too, but somehow tradional market is unfriendly for unlocked means--I mean some like motorcycle-- MSN Onion Emoticonsyeah but somehow someone offer his self to keep his eyes on my cycle. Okay then, I trust the stranger and go inside the market, I prepare for the worst situation when I come back. Ahhh thanks God he did just like what he said.
Ahh I miss riding micho... Remember the one who motivated me at the previous story? now when he meet me riding motorcycle he said "Udah capeee ni yeeeee...." ngoooook Onion Emoticon Set


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