The Notebook

Everyone have a notebook

This morning, I open the box, named "scrapbook" I don't know how much I'm in love with scrapbook. Since my handwriting and my drawing is not good, I just love to collect it and make it on my own, isn't art is something that express our mind into a product? you can see some like scrap thing here. So this is what i got this morning, all the time it put on the higher place at my room :

Something untouchable for a year, all material for scrapbook here. All i do is on my bed, it's holiday so i don't want tobe separated with my lovely-pluffy-bed...hihihiii so the background a little bit messy, MSN Onion Icons

The thing inside that book that interest me is the notebook, this is my last smester notebook at IPB. The edge of the book is dull because of wet.

Now I do understand why I didn't have excellent mark at study, never be serious at it

See? there's only 30% of my book contain about subject. the rest is chit chat with mpok2, my classmate Onion Icons

Nah, this is my first notebook at college

yeah, it's nothing but doodle and bad doraemon drawing

See? There always a page contain the chat, gossip, and silly thing

Yes, I miss them a lot, at soil class they call us 'mpok-mpok' I don't know why, but most of us talk nyaplak like betawi do. hihihihii sometime we do lenong. from left to right : Mpo Memel she the outbox girl, unpredictable, and good at drawing. Mpo Bestari, she the most mature among us, have a straight thought,cool can take over the problem quickly and we bravely said she is reckless hihiii. Mpo Eta, so betawi and so nyaplak hahahahaa... she good at lenong and perfectionist. Mpo Anggi, she came from malang, east java, the preman-girl she is so brave in.... everything :D. Mpo Nahrul, from bengkulu, she had the unique style and always be the one who bullied, she's so funny and kind. Mpo Retha, she soo betawi too, unpredictable, good at drawing, so creative and... weird. nyayayayyaahahah... well actually we had the blog named MINERAL (Melita-Intan-Nahrul-Eta-Retha-Anggi-Loly) but when I asked mpo retha as admin she forget the link even the name of the blog. Onion Emoticon unfortunatelly, we had it for three years together and she write the story uniquely, I love it.
This is the last time we met in June, 2011. Most of mpok work at bank: mpok nahrul, mpo bestari. mpo eta at consultant, mpo rethat at insurance, mpo anggi at astra, mpo mel just graduated this year. Well... I miss you a lot mpok..see how crazy we are when together here.


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