The Notebook (Part II)

So... the Notebook I found this morning inspired me a lot. I enchated with memories when I opened it. I realize how precious it is. Three words : Notebook, Scrapbook and Photos. I love them all, is it possible If put them together at once?

this is what i found in the box too. The brown book, I bought it about a year ago and it still empty, maybe thi is the time I put the magic of memories in

Then the polaroid comes, I don't have good hadwriting, but I just write it as a notebook...

Go on with a....let say uncommon things, like ticket or something else attached on the book. Yes the picture is movie ticket with tubby. We called it "kencan" hahaha that page is about tubby, I introduce him as my classmate at second grade of senior highschool, he thought I'm his rival at english subject, hihihhii. After years gone by until we met again and I don't know that was impress him a lot. He keep maintain the good comunication, until now we're couple. Actually the story is not as simple as I write. Not as short as one paragraph, course no pain no gain but he can make it through.Thank you for being presistence Tubby :)

ahhh.. this is ellie's scrapbook, have you watch UP movie? I love this film since the first time ellie get her scrapbook, it's not a lot inside the book before she met carl, then go on...and on...she dare to dream and write it as "stuff I'm going to do." Lucky she has Carl who always beside her make her wish come true and they have a great adventure too. Until someday Carl find Ellie's scrapbook, each page of her scrapbook describe the memories beautifully. He find that Ellie wish to have a house on the top of waterfall. It's impossible somehow Carl make it.
Ahh... or have you watch the Notebook, it had similiar things too, Allie want a white house with blue shutter. Something happen they have to be separated but Noah keep fulfill his promise to Allie even his heart is lonely and broken. Somehow, they meet at white house with blue shutter. And how Allie had short memories when they grow old, so Noah tell their stories over and over again. How presistence he is when their children tell that he had to stop it. But noah insist to do that over and over again, the ending is sweet finally they die together when Allie remember it all. Well, that such a movie and prefect, but it quite inspiring. Onion Icon


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