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Well, time to pick things on my desk, becoming ex-journalist and full time student  2:22 PM - 25 Jan 13 ·

Time to say good bye. That was the fastest decision I ever made. It needs one day to decide quit from my job. Yes my resolution on 2013 come too quickly, things happened in last-minute decision. You can see how doubt I am in the last two post on this blog. I used to decide keep working and be a good student. The last first semester I successfully pass with article done on time and those assignment well done, but I'm not happy with my 1st semester's former friend. It's just because I still stick with my job, no chit chat after class, no hangin' out with friends...alll they know is I'm too busy with my work. Everything keep on the track and there's always price to pay. Looks everything okay now at my work life but not my school life. Yes you have to choose.

The next semester is everything brand new, because the new class is supposed to be started at my second semester. I found my classmate is more fun and enjoyable. I love to stay at class longer. They also love to hangin' out...hahahahaa things I never do before, we usually went to comfort place to do our assignment. Yes, the assignment is crazier than before, but that's not a big thing for me, I have friends who do the same thing and and never push me like before. Meanwhile....I have to back to office, feels like hell for me, pressure is everywhere. My bad, I can't handle it no more, things don't same like before, I passed the deadline of article with bad writing, having bad into so- so coming up article, never came up to office...they properly treat me the bad one. That reasonable. But...I begin don't care.

I used to think being student and journalist is the coolest thing ever....and it was! I do enjoy that two things.  Sometimes I can split it,, sometimes they collide helplessly Onion Head Emoticons 44 Like doing my take home exam in the middle of the way to my cover at Cianjur, without opening laptop either reading + thinking, its road can  shake your guts to come out but I did it. Then I continue doing my exam (with opened laptop) while interview. It's crazy, but I can make it. The last is doing exam when I have high fever and end up with measles (damn) hahahahaha... my body even can take it, at least in 6 month I go to hospital 4 times. The doctor say, I have to get proper rest, that's it because my endurance is very bad however, easily defeat by virus.

But my strong will is my priority....I get a lot of advantage being reporter and student. My writing skill is well trained with my senior at office. (Thank you for my chief editor, until now I adore her so much how she teach me and face all of reporters' condition) I get used to interview many people, the technique how to get information, how to behave, etc. I also easily change my status of student into reporter in the middle of practicum, using my teacher as source of my article. Sometimes I forget doing my assignment while writting article Onion Head Emoticons 90haaaa that's enough for the challenge, many thanks for experience I had. Now I have to be full time student as if I'm running out of time. I'm ready for next challenge, we never know what future bring, just bring it on, the better one of course. Just, wish me luck. Believe me, the most touching moment when you quit from job is to pick things on your desk...it's too emotional for me, hihihi with many thing on my desk it didn't take much time...and more boxes to place it, just one big bag 

                              Before                                               After                                        

  Wish me very very luck,                           


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