Let's Make Pancake

When I looked book of cake recipes that I gave to my mom 2 years ago as a gift (she didn't open the gift yet for 2 years, because she said I wrapped it too lovely<~ weird) okay, my eyes stopped at redbean-cake-recipe, the aperance is so tasty for me, just like dorayaki with redbean pasta in the middle, my mouth become watery.. hiiii... so the next day, I decided to buy the ingredients. Too bad, I can find canned redbean, but the-looks like dorayaki-ingredients is completed, hummmm..no..no, dorayaki is too small, let's say pancake, because it has similiar step. Let's improve with vanilla ice cream to substitude the redbean pasta..
Actually, I made some trial error of doing that, the apearance didn't meet expectation : pluffy and easy, eheee...after blogwalking, some good, and some bad in making pancake, the pancake is more like "serabi" hahahaa, later I know there are several kind of pancake, like american pancake, chineese pancake, british pancake.. I don't know what kind of mine too, what do you think? my self-made pancake? eheee... martabak could be indonesian big-pancake..

Step #1, I get the trick and tips after blogwalking, to separate the liquid and dry ingredients, it give times to flour aeration. It's so simple recipe actually, the liquid ingredients are milk, honey, egg, and sugar and the dry ingredients are flour,instant yeast, vanilli, baking soda, and salt... mixed them up.

after all mixed, don't forget to put melted butter or oil (my tips, if you are lazy to make it, ahahaa) and wait about 30 minutes to give the yeast make bubbles on your mix...

next, work with pan.... put proper portion of mix on your pan, on minimum heat... be careful, they get easily burnt, you must check if there is bubble on your pan because heat, immediatelly flip it up.. to be honest it's not easy huh, I almost make scramble...

voailaaaa... I love dressing up MSN Onion Icons

put some vanilla ice cream and caramel, yummm this one is for my photographer who had documented all the step, thanks a lot for your help, maybe that was the last...I'll miss you :-)

let'a have another one, this is for all my lovely readers... bon apetit! Onion Icon


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