3 wishes to do

what to do...what to do. at least I had 3 main point today on my tweet :

Scrapbooking | Blogging | jobseeking

well, started my morning with scrapbooking, I bought these scrappy stuff when I went to Bandung long time ago, and I have to make it now, 3 frames with so many elements come within, I let my imagination palyin' (halah) there you are, scrapbooking on progress...

Every frame had it own themes, I called the first one "liebe" simple white backround and roses lace make 3D effect, one of my favorite, I put it on living room's wall, hahahaaa... my mom has unique expression, just let everyone know it!

The rest, another two frames I put on my room's wall, and all of sudden my room's wall getting full, another one is my first scrapbook (ahhh...I just remember, what does it called? scrapbook? scraphoto? whatever it will be). The theme about "me and my pet" had bigger frame, because I had many snaps of kitties and ganteng, but only some of them I can put on... The Black frame theme is "I love food" actually I interested by its background, but I get it too much, so, I made pre-background with wavy cut on white paper and put callout.
My-3frames-scrapbook-duty is done, next to do is.. Blogging, post it on the blog! at the same time my father take me to buy bicycle that I asked about a few days ago.. yippie!! buy bicycle with daddyyyyy!! Onion Icon

Just like milk and cookie, so that his name..Onion Iconmico!

My wish to have a basket-cycle is complished, rriiiiinggg...rrriinngg...!
can you hear thaatt?

well equiped with dynamo-lamp, don't have to worry riding when
day getting dark..

City bike, now had 6 speed... so I can ride comfortly and easy

it is 3 wishes that must be done, the 3rd one is on progress.. I already do for it, mico will take me to workplace if it is come true, amiiiinnn...


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