Finding Simple Pleasure (2)

Okay, Saung Mang Udjo lead me to Bandung, I'm so currious at interactive angkung, but let me tell you my journey into saung Mang Udjo..

It is on Jl. Padasuka, cicaheum, the atmosphere is so positive, at the parking lot some people in sundanese traditional clothes will showed you the way to where the show take place. Bamboos is dominant plant in this place (there are angklung production center) the sound of its leaves bring harmony and makes this place shady...I love the first imperession of this place. Actually, I was late for 20 minutes, because the shows started at 4.30 pm but it's okay... I left 2 or 3 part of its shows. And based on the brochure, there are 11 series of show like Wayang golek, Helaran, Tari tradisional (tari topeng & tari merak), Calung, Arumba, Angklung mini, Angklung Padaeng, bermain angklung bersama, Angklung orkestra, Angklung Jaipong and Menari bersama.. for more information click here
The ticket only 50 IDR you will get the whole show, welcome drink, and this angklung miniature! so lovely... so Indonesia!

Sorry to tell that I was late for 20 minutes, so I might be skip the traditional dance, when I get in, they finished the tari topeng dance, and go on to angklung show, the junior angklung player is so cute, one of them is 2 years old, playing indonesian traditional song in medley wow... next to orchestra angklung, can you imagine how they played mozart's with angklung?! it so awesome! the senior player fluently playing 1 set of angklung which (maybe) consist 7 different shape and size in powerful rhytm..

And the most atractive show is playing angklung, the audience will be give one angklung each, randomly they will had different tone, so in one song you will wait your turn to play your own angklung, hahahaa...it's fun, I don't wanna get this end, but it have to... because those junior angklung player will take you into center of stage and playing dancing together, so interactive one... you'll be proud being indonesian because those traditional games is so rich...

In spite of time, I couldn't ger around this place, which recently I know I missed another place like sari asih yard, or angklung production center... I recomended you to come about 10am and playing at sari asih yard, have lunch at warung hawu, at noon looking around angklung production center, music studio or library and spend your afternoon with the show, after show buy souvenir... and go home hapilly.. Onion Icons


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