Good Bye, Kitty...

I feel so bad, lost, and so sad today... kitty was hit by car this morning, a realy realy bad news to start a day, I even can't say anything but to show up this emoticon :

MSN Onion EmoticonOnion Icons Onion Icons Onion Icons MSN Onion IconsMSN Onion Icons
and maybe :

Onion IconsOnion Iconsfor someone who drive a car carelessly, they are just kitten, they love playing! would you pleaseeee to be aware of those, huh! I even alwasys checked the machine and make sure they are complete before I go, hhhhh.... don't you know I love them so?!
lately I let them out of my home, I don't know why after they had their meal they didn't come back, they sleep at one of my neighbour's house... I think it's okay, maybe they need to explore their own environtment... but they still come if I called them, that's why I can still playing with them. Right a day before they "move" I put each of them necklace with their own intial name (just like the picture above). And this could be a "charmbracelet" because I put them with love... and right a day before kitty was hit, she lost her necklace, too bad.... Kitty is my favourite, she was the first kitten who comes running to me, noooo...hhhh, kitttyyyy *writing with blury eyes..
even those kids around my home love to play with them, one of the kid specialy come to my home just to tell : kitty was hit , actually I can't stand to look how it was, but a have to...
I make a little funeral to say good bye to her...

kind of sweet, those kids put petals on kitty's funeral without
being asked

Good bye kitty...I love you,


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