ahaa! I have similiar pictures here... When I was child, riding my 3-wheel-bicycle, my first bike anyway... then I had another bike when I was on elementary school, and nowaday when I graduated from university, on bachelor degree, my father still bought bicycle for me...Onion EmoticonsThank you, I love youuu daaadd...
Do you remember rollerblade or scooter? it used to be famous, rite? I even had rollerblade too, I used to think that playing rollerblade is cool, like celebrity do, ahaaa (lebay), but it took no longer, the bicycle-mode still exist, I don't know why, but in my opinion bicycle is most useful than other... and thanks for people who thinks "green" and take bicycle as solution for transportation, make it nowaday-lifestyle...
I think goverment should support by making bicycle-way (is it right? what does it call?) and proper pedestrian, I'm sure everyone will use it if they are comfort within, like their own vehicle... yahh..Bad habit of indonesian, they get a little bit lazy to walk from nearest shelter to their destination, so public car, like bus or angkot can stopped wherever they want and it cause traffic jam too. The volume of vehicle is getting bigger every year, but in other side the road- growth can't handle situation. So the only solution is public transportation, but some factors ruin the image of public transportation like vadalism, criminal on public car, prestige (maybe) of having car, and also uncomfortable means. Some country had good transportation system, this video showed japan's bike storage... ahhh I wish I can used subway and riding bicycle through destination..I know...I'm in developing country now, I have to wait... to see how indonesian's subway lookslike MSN Onion Icon

Yesterday, I ride Mico with kitties...

Isn't it cute? huaaaa the basket had special task, to put all 4 kitties in... they are not used to take a ride on bicycle, they can stay for a little journey and then burst up, hahahaa...be nice to mico, and I think perry started to enjoy the ride, Onion Emoticons


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