Finding Simple Pleasure (1)

What activity started in the first month of this year?
Fyi. I spend new year eve with 5 friends of mine on my rooftop, fun.. we had it all for free (execpt the food, hee) since I know the rooftop is the coziest spot in my home at afternoon, but in the evening it's soo outstanding... what makes new year's eve special? : FIREWORKS, I can see clearly how firework enchanted me, as if I surronded by firework, soooo amazing! I even couldn't take the picture because I don't wanna miss every single burst of firework... ahhh I let you imagine how good it is, sitting on the roof top, BBQ-ing and watching fireworks for free with your friends..

In the next morning.. I watched tv, it showed saung mang udjo in bandung, west java traditional instrument called angklung, interactive one, and thanks God, my cousins in bandung was on holiday too, they should go home earlier because I will take them to saung mang udjo.. hahaaaa..
before I talk more about saung mang udjo, there's another place I visited in bandung for almost 2 day, it is Nanny's pavillon at Jalan Riau,

it just like dream come true, since I watch eat-pray-love movie, before I get to bandung, the part when liz (Julia robert) eat pasta in italy, looks delicious... and I crave, big thanks to my lovely auntie to take me here, finally I choose tomato pasta, and my cousins choose green spaghetty and spicy tuna, well the taste is very well, juicy, and..... Onion Iconahhhh it's big portion, yeah at least I have more space for pancake, I choose simple strawberry pancake, taste good, the pancake is soft meet vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce.. yummm, banana pancake is delicate too, so far...everything is good, the manggo-mint-tea for drinks is suitable, or maybe like my cousins do, the lemonade... well, I recomended this menu :

Blueberry pancake! yummm... the cheese inside rolled-pancake makes it so special, melting when you eat them, the blueberry sauce also special...and the price, worth it you should have extra money to be happy in here (full) then, why I called it simple pleasure? because my auntie treat me well... haaha, I love my motto kenyaaanng~ bahagiaaaa~ Onion Icons

...to be continued


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