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okay, started with my ReTweet about zodiacfact of geminis, for some case I do believe that every zodiac sign had similiar character, just like blood type. You must check it out in my previous post about that, almost all fact about your character is true, ehhhe...and the rest about prediction of horoscope... hummm I do not believe it, there's no way all the same zodiac sign had the same activity at once too... strange, huh...Back to topic of writing, since (looks like) I love writing about everything EXCEPT my self, noted that, I won't write about inside of mine or reveal my heart HERE, the conseques is hard to handle, ehheee... one of my friend said it's not true, almost all af my blog talk about my self... yaa.. yaa.. could be, it's all about around me and how I bring it into informative and a little persuasive, and succesfully make some of my reader envy.. right?! hihiii...thanks to her anyway, I started my blog because of her, she had a beautiful and courageous way of writing, she can tell everything even about her heart bravely...
well, if one day you find me write about heart you might see the different side of me, side that I hide.. that could be change your preception about me... hahaha okay, enough I think I bring you too far about this, sssstttt......it's persuasive one anyway Onion Icons

I found Interesting about topic of an essay to aply a job as a reporter in one of Indonesian daily newspaper : " Reason to be a reporter"
it is max. 2000 character long to tell it, wew.. I even had three simple reason of doing that, that can be implied by 3 senteces : first, I love photograpy. Second, I love travel and Third, I love writing. aaaalll that I love and love, concern about reporter's jobdesk, I think that's all that I need, PLUS if love what you do, you will get maximun quality, isn't? as bachelor degree of agriculture I hope I can put all that I love in right specification : write about agriculture MSN Onion Icons


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