Where I have been?

fyuuuhh... done with three posting today, 2 of them I just copy-paste from my tumblr. I don't know but looks like I put too high criteria posting to this blog then sometimes makes me postpone some story because i was too perfect. I rather post it into other social media like path, instagram, twitter or tumblr! haaaa..lately I make over my tumblr page, like this :

I'm pretty happy with the result, then I begin post short story again...so if you feel a little bored with my long-long writing on this blog maybe you can come visit my tumblr who had more light stories with many photo. That's good for your eyes huh, I also admit that my post is too long here. I also change my sidebar on this blog, can you see at the right side on this blog with "where-I-have-been" tittle? hihihhi I can say that I slowly moved my daily blog to here. Haaaahh....how many time I change my purpose of tumblr, the last one is about giving thanks not for my daily life...then I easily forget...so I will not promise to my self again what I'm going to do with this tumblr page, let it (f)love..post anytime I love anytime I like. 

I miss my graduate school friends! lately on our tweet we mention our each other blog, so I still know the news from my friends, there you go some blog list of my graduate school friends :

Azka Lathifa Zahratu Azra | About My Small World 
anyone I missed? I hope the list is getting long and long Princess Yvonne Emoticons 13


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