Sewing Attack

This idea is born in the middle of class, when my sensei sharing his experience story about a couple who buy the island, and the wife teach local people japanese quilt. I was so impressed about that craft and start imaging what I want to be....

My first laptop case on progress

I realize that I was so obsessed with that, because in the end of the class my note is not about the subject, but my sewing-product-wanna be. Too excited, waiting the day I can make it come true made me want to skip my sleep and go to another day and find out what can I do for my sewing project. Yes, I had insomnia, I really need to do something.... So I started to make my dream come true by attending the craft gallery : little clover that already took many my attention because the product she make is soo me, I adore every craft she made, that lately I know that it's not her alone make it. She is Nagahara san,with my limited japanese mixed with English I tell her how much I want to learn sewing, I ask her to teach me sewing.

Little Clover Galerry
I love japanese fabric pattern

Adorable favorite things

Nagahara san teach me patiently 
I suddenly became the attention in this local market because my English, until old lady who pass by help me translate my english to japanese, hihihihihi finally she agree with that and set the date when I start sewing..aaaaaakk! she ask me what kind of product I want to make, I said for the first time just teach me simple pouch. Then she ask me to choose the fabric and the detailed one. They really appreciate my choose, Onion Head Emoticons 34by saying what a good choice, kawaii, hahahaha that boost my will to learn sew. Can't wait for next week.The next week at saturday the rain is coming very hard. That's not problem with me, I go using bicycle and umbrella under the rain. the result I was late for 30 minutes. Nagahara san surprised see my cloth is wet by rain and got panic, take some towel to dry my self. hhihiihiii...while I can't wait to start the sewing lesson hahahaa ever than any subject in campus. She prepare everything and teach me very well. While I actually I learn two things : sewing and japanese. My first pouch is done in less one hour. I'm so nervous using sewing machinne for the first time...but the one that I use is a good one so it seem easy to use. I also ahppy with the result.
We giving applause each other when it's done, hahahaaa...otsukaresamadeshita Princess Yvonne Emoticons 131 so I make another plan again for next month to make laptop case and camera bag. Actually I just want to make camera bag, and Nagahara san it takes two days to make it. So at the end at first day I said I also want to have laptop case with the same fabric. So she kindly said yes and set everything quickly. Second day was a busy day for me because I finished my camera bag and straight do the laptop case. ahahahhaaa....I almost want to skip japanese class that day to continue sewing, but Nagahara san said that I have to attend class and worry that I have to have lunch that day...ah yaa..I even forget lunch! so she said I can come back again after class and finish my laptop case. So after have a class I come back again, she introduce me with her daughter, they are very nice..but when I ask her daughter whether she likes to sew or not she shake her head...hihihhii too bad..Nagahara san even didn't forget to ask me whether I late for the class or have I lunch or not, hihihihi ...and finally my laptop case is done! yatttaaa! just like what I want! arigatouuu~

Looking forward for the next project!


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