Come at The Right Time

Celebrating, 3rd month I've been in the country of sakura, away from home, celebrate my birthday without family, will having fasting month on summer, will having idul fitri in the middle of fieldtrip.. let's make a note!

First photo and last sakura when I arrived in misasagi
Actually it will be extra long story if I tell you how I can stay in Kyoto, Japan now. But I guess all happen to me at the right time. Since my last minute decision quit from my job as journalist and being full time student. I didn’t know that my decision is bring me to this beautiful city. I’m a full student in wrong semester actually, all the compulsory class I already had in the last two semester. So I just take extra class to fulfill the credits, eheheh I enjoy it and sometimes miss my friends who not take the same class with me.

In the middle of my third semester, there’s announcement to apply student exchange for 6 months in Kyoto. The requirements makes me desperate, some documents not well prepared, I don’t even have clear proposal for my research, while the deadline is exactly tomorrow. In the short story, I finally choosen to be exchange student in Kyoto university with 3 others indonesian students and 2 vietnam students. Thank you for tubby who always support me from preparing all the document, make visa, and accompany me to the airport and go home with my parents, ihihihiii…

All by my self~ *singing*
Actually my way too Japan is not as easy as seen, while waiting the decision, you know how mess feeling I had, still attend the class and do some assignment for 3rd semester class. Feels like you do uncertain life while others know I'm going to go here. Yes, the announcement is postponed, makes my heart breath slowly. Then the final result is come, I have to make visa as soon as possible, so I go to Japan embassy, and got misunderstanding for applying visa. They ask me to apply temporary visit visa then modify the visa when I arrived in japan to student visa. but Japan embassy in Indonesia won't do that, they keeep ask EL for applying student visa. It's totally confusing 3 times to embassy without bright result about visa and I almost give up. At the last finally the make my EL sooner to make student visa in Indonesia. hahahaha it's literally hard to get, I chase fedEx man to make it fast. Also some documents that need to be sent takes time, I remember that I and Tubby waiting from morning to afternoon then running fast to the car, got crazy on highway just to make sure I can send the document on time, fyuuuhhh...

So at april 4 2013 19.35 I depature from Soeta airport Indonesia and landed at Kansai airport japan at april 5 2013 05.30 do some imigration things and took MK taxi to misasagi international house. Arrived at about 10.00. welcomed with pretty sakura, thanks God I still can enjoy it, they said that day is the last day we can see sakura, because the next day will be typhoon who blew away the petals. then it’s trully happen, I even didn’t had picture of sakura with my DSLR camera :’(( too bad.

My pretty comfortable small room, away from everything
Why? because at 10.00 o clock when i just arrived at misasagi international house, they even don’t give me time to breath. helloo I just had more than 8 hours flight, 2 hours in imigration line, 1 hour in taxi to get here…they already give me short orientation about this place. I just can put my big lugage, thinking how small the room is…then Masuda san took me to campus.At campus, he tell me many building and what its function, how to get here, meets the people, introducing me, took a lunch, do some administrative thing, that I can’t remember well…yes, I can easily get lost in campus (-___-"). 
It’s not yet end, I should go home alone from campus to misasagi, whaaat? I…even don’t know how to use bus or more even subway. Masuda san patiently draw and print many maps to get home and tell me what to do. But still I get lost when I get home. huhuhuhu…In subway, I stand for a long time to see people buy ticket, how they should do, what to do next, until I got it I do it…I can’t speak japanese or read hiragana katakana. No way I can’t ask…finally I got home in 1 hour, hahahaha normally only 30 minutes. When I arrived, I feel so tired until I didn’t have my dinner….and cry hhahahaa I don’t know why am I crying. At the same time my mom was crying too, because she wait for my arrival news too long and frustated until she off from her work...hahahaha gomenasaii~ I'm too busy since the first minute come to misasagi, plus it's very hard to access campus's wi fi here..


Blake Turnbull said...

Thanks for your interesting blog about your experience at Kyoto! I just wanted to ask, what was the Misasagi International House like overall? Is it a nice place? Is it difficult to travel to campus? What kind of room is pictured in your blog? Room E? Room G? Would you recommend it? Thank you for your help in advance!! :)

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