Time to Choose One Chair

"Will you be alright?," said Tubby

He already made up his mind to focus on his postgraduate thesis and quit from job. He already choose his chair. I can see on his eyes that he's worry about the impact of his decision. The impact of the people surround him, that's what he consider the most... I just want to make sure that this is the right way, the right thing he choose.
I and tubby were sitiing in two chairs. It's a freak anyway.Well, i do have the same dillema. I work and I study too. Being reporter at agricultural magazine and being student at IPB postgraduate class too.  I only work for 2 days and 3 days for study in a week but the job and the task still the same like before. While tubby work in the morning, and take a class at night. 
Yes that time, I have to reschedule over and over again about my deadline, my cover, my study, my task and thoose meeting. It's kinda tired because I work at depok and study at bogor. But thanks got under pressure, i can through one smester, get a good mark and never go home late at deadline day.

The wheel turning...
One by one my friend at work resign. Yeah...many reason I guess. Only few of us surviving. Things feels not same. I'm not enjoying my working life anymore. I feel so much negative energy and pressure. That makes me uncomfortable. Plus there are some people that....drain my energy, pfftttt. Well...the point is, my workplace is not condusive. While at my new class, I got a new friend, they are much more fun than before. The task is as much as before, but we i can do it with no pressure. Yes, they just give some fresh air on my campus life, hihihihihi....When i back to my office it's just like a hell. Everythings feels like pointing at me. I don't know wheter it's just my feeling or... i lost my passion or... i'm done with my curriousity or...those people do ignore me.However, i will not stay there for a long time anymore, unless it's related with my current education that hire me more. I just have to find place that deserve it. 

Time to choose one chair....
Have you ever know this quote : "If you try to sit on two chairs, you will fall between them. For life you must choose one chair" that stay well on my mind. At first I never thought that study and job are two different chairs. Lesson learn. It's time to choose one chair. Time to out from comfort zone. Yes it will be hell different like before, never the same. But I do believe that it will not take long time to get in another zone. Cheer up tubby! We can make it somehow...


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