Don't Stop (even) You Get Enough

The last 3 pieces of sushi come to my mouth at once. My plate is empty. I raised it, to show my friends. They cheer. I cheer. Forget that sushi still in my mouth, those (sushi) just blew out : disqualification (read: silly).

It was Sushi Eating Contest held by Sushi Tei on October 29, 2011. Yup almost a month ago, and I wish I still remember every single detail well. Since this contest held to break MURI record as the most participant I wonder there is quote for male and female participant. Thanks Tubby for registered me soon before the quote is full.

Soo... The day come. But at the same time I got duty for my work as moderator in some training held at my office. Suprise me, attending eating contest being a strong reason to allow than being moderator, fufufuu... plus my officemate and my senior editor encourage me to win the contest. All my officemate want to cheers me at the contest, unfortunately they replace my duty so the only reporter who free-on-duty is me because attending eating contest Onion Head Emoticons 41

30 Pieces

The strongest reason why I joined the contest is eating much much sushi by only 50.000 IDR. The second is the prize: eating (again) voucher and playbook. I don’t have any preparation, just read some trick winning eating contest on internet. I eat as usual even before attending the contest. I learned on the spot :The rival and the sushi.

It’s makimono, kani roll and tamago 30 pieces. At glance they look a bit light and easy to eat. Plus they accompanied by water and shoyu. The contest started by japanese traditional dance. This energic dance pump my adrenaline too, by seeing my rival. There are about 600 participant male and female. Divided by two group, and two winners : male and female, each has 1st—3rd winner.

The contest started. More than 300 female participants divided by 6-person-table and 2 judges each. Each table has 3 winners to be compare with other tabble. Mine? Hahaa... maybe I look potentially as a winner because i’m the only big woman who has big gastro. The contest begin, I –the amateur participant—eat SIX pieces of sushi at ONCE for the first time. My God, It’s more dense than I ever thought, and takes time to chew it. I have to “drink” shoyu to push it inside. Be honest I terribly want to puke, hahaha.. Bintang said she was affraid that i got mouth dislocation after eat tremendous portion at once.

Done with my first-6-pieces, I continued it with only 2 pieces, while chewing I looked participant in front of me, theirs is much more than me : save. To the right, hers too : save. Then to the left, almost same with me: dangerous, she pour shoyu on the sushi. At that time, I don’t want to take a risk by consume liquid, the artice on web I read before said that drinking water makes your stomach easily full.


But why can I try? It’s more than half left. But the drum is beat the 1st winner goes out, it’s crazy... how come?? Okay, there’s still a chance for the 2nd and 3rd. Accidentally water being my hero. Eating 2 pieces sushi and a litlle bit water is much much quicker. After 2 times mistake, I got the trick (finally) Onion Head Emoticons 14...while 6 pieces sushi left, another drum is beat : 2nd winner. Noooo.. while chewing 3 pieces sushi I look at the left, she’s having her last sushi.

In spite of time I'm having my last 3 pieces of sushi. Too late, the one who stand at the left had opened her mouth and the judge raise the flag. Knowing I was chewing my last sushi the judge also cheers me up, just like my friends. I raised my plate.... and you know what happen next. Onion Head Emoticons 55Heheee... not only judge even participant giving their plastic bag. Actually I won’t give up, I still close my mouth with my hand, avoiding the sushi blew up. I don’t know how do I looked that time it soo messed up..

I give up already, hueeekk disqualification. Then I realized I’m not the one who enjoying 30 pieces makimono of sushi tei by only 50k IDR.

It’s better anyway that I still love sushi and said YES when my friend asked to having lunch at Sushi tei (again) right after I finished the contest. Hahahaa..

Thank you @titoaribowo for registered me, @aldanish_4 has documented every part of contest, @bintang_el and @inaSeptiani for the cheers and help me put the attribute. Thank you for @yulinovisca @VeSusirani @Marich_hilton and @Desi_sayyidati keep asked the progress on BBM and @Triisty who also texting me. Thank you for supporting me, I’m sorry I can’t win the voucher Onion Head Emoticons 17

The next day at office, I have to tell this story again and again, but telling those on my blog has just accommplised now.. finally...

*It’s the longest postponed post I ever write. It's already in my draft at the end of October. I just finished about 2 paraghraph then go back on duty, re-write again, then go out back to my world : real article for December. For a long...long weeks finally I re-write again. This time I promise to finish the post no matter what,


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